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The mortgage has grown up

Demand for mortgage housing credits (IZHK) in Uralsk federal district continues to grow. The Sverdlovsk area is in the lead among regions by quantity of the given out loans. By estimations of participants of the market, the rate on IZHK have reached pre-crisis values and on the average on the market do not exceed 12-14 %, but in the near future can grow on 1 %.

According to Sverdlovsk agency of mortgage housing crediting (SAIZHK) in 2011 in frameworks obshchefederalnoj programs IZHK it is given 2,1 thousand credits - loans for a total sum 2,9 mlrd roubles that on 400 million roubles above indicators of 2010. from this quantity it is direct SAIZHK has given 1,5 thousand mortgage loans for a total sum 1,9 mlrd roubles, other loans have given banks - agency partners - director SAIZHK Alexander Komarov has explained, having noticed that in the given statistics there are no indicators of large federal banks.

The highest volumes of crediting are shown by Sverdlovsk area and Ekaterinburg, and also HMAO and JANAO - have noted in a press - special design bureau service - bank. In Hunts - Mansijsky bank (HMB) have informed that following the results of 2011 the great demand on mortgage loans for last three years is fixed. an order of 50 % of all mortgage loans of bank it is given out in territory of UrFO. The greatest demand is observed in Nizhnevartovsk and Hunts - Mansijske (HMAO). On these cities it was necessary an order of 35 % of all credits given out for a year. Following the results of 2010, it has been given out 1,7 thousand credits for the sum 2,9 mlrd roubles, and following the results of 2011 - go - more than 4 thousand credits for the sum 7,9 mlrd roubles. According to preliminary data, the total amount of a mortgage portfolio on the end of 2011 will make 18,7 mlrd roubles (growth on 38 %) - have told in a press - service HMB.

According to the data of the Ural bank of the Savings Bank of Russia, as a group in 2010 in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan areas it has been given out 14,8 thousand mortgage loans for a total sum 12,8 mlrd roubles, and following the results of 2011 - 21,1 thousand for the sum 20,8 mlrd roubles (growth has made 73 %). According to bank statistics, the greatest growth in a quantitative parity of the given out credits is noted in territory of Sverdlovsk area: 11,5 thousand in 2011 against 7,5 thousand year before (the sum of mortgage loans has made 12,6 mlrd roubles in 2011 against 7,1 mlrd roubles in 2010). Wishing to buy apartment on tick it was valid much. In December bank VTB24 in Sverdlovsk area has given out credits for third more than in November and on volume it approximately as much, how many has been given out for all first quarter 2011. In total following the results of 2011 it is given out 1,5 thousand mortgage loans for the sum 2,3 mlrd roubles. It twice exceeds previous year indicators - Sergey Kulpin operating the Ural branch VTB24 has informed. Under its forecasts, at least, till March in the market high activity will hold on.

the head of analytical department of the Ural chamber of real estate Michael Horkov has informed that growth IZHK is connected by that in 2011 banks have changed approaches to delivery of housing loans, having made their more accessible to new categories of citizens. As he said, decrease by banks of interest rates became one of factors of growth IZHK. for example, in the first quarter 2009 the interest rate has made 15,2 %, and within 2010 fluctuated from 11,5 to 11,2 % - Alexander Komarov has told. According to the head of the analytical centre of a group of companies the New settler Sergey Menshenina, except loyal rates, growth IZHK is connected with a pent-up demand. Those borrowers who could not get habitation during the crisis period 2008 - 2009, get it now. Also growth of transactions of purchase and sale is connected with a population investment demand - Sergey Menshenin has told. According to experts, borrowers try to have time to get habitation to the next rise in prices. habitation cost in the secondary market following the results of 2011 has grown on 15 %, and on primary - on 10 %. On the end of December the average price in 1 sq. m. of apartments in Ekaterinburg has made on vtorichke 63,8 thousand roubles, and in the primary market - 54,1 thousand rbl. These figures have closely come nearer to a pre-crisis mark of autumn of 2008 - mister Horkov has explained. Under forecasts of experts, in the first quarter banks can already lift rates. now banks face deficiency of liquidity. The attraction of money resources from the market, the will be more expensive to bank further more possibly that interest rates under credits will grow - Alexander Komarov marks. however nobody predicts strong increase - more than on 1 % that allows to hope for weak influence of rates on demand - the regional co-ordinator of Rosbank in Ekaterinburg Alexey Pavin believes.