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From metallurgists melt the last

the Government intend to force to put metallurgists a part have arrived to equipment modernisation. It will allow to lower branch loading on environment and to increase production with the high added cost. But advisers doubt legality of an establishment of such deductions, and metallurgists consider idea senseless, as capacities of branch and so are updated by high rates.
in the end of December of last year vitse - prime minister Igor Sechin has charged Rostehnadzoru, to Federal antimonopoly service, Rosprirodnadzoru and Minpromtorgu to develop projects of agreements with the metallurgists, providing carrying out replacements of the out-of-date and worn out equipment, introduction on manufacture of the new technologies directed on decrease of influence on environment and increase of competitiveness of production of the Russian manufacture . About it Have told some sources in profile departments.

according to one of interlocutors the idea in fixing obligations of metallurgists to deduct a part of received profit on carrying out of deep modernisation of capacities . According to the government, modernisation will allow to raise economic and power efficiency of metallurgical manufactures, and also to lower their negative influence on environment. Other source familiar with government plans, has specified that an overall objective - stimulation of production of high repartition, as it promotes increase of its quality and competitiveness . The interlocutor in the steelmaking company says that the tax service complains of low level of investments in modernisation of metallurgists to the government also.

About which share of profit speech while it is not known will go - officials still prepare the offers. Concrete figure can not be, believe sources : metallurgists manufactures by an example of the oil companies, for example, will oblige to modernise. In the summer of 2011, after meeting at prime minister Vladimir Putin where it has sharply scarified oil industry workers for the high prices for oil products, the companies have signed with the government of the agreement on plans on modernisation of all NPZ. Documents assumed penalties for a tightening of terms of modernisation. For this government guaranteed to the companies prolongation of a tax mode 60 - 66 which stimulates increase in depth of oil refining.

stimulating measures should be applied and to metallurgists, the senator from the Chelyabinsk area where the basic metallurgical capacities of the country, Konstantin Tsybko are concentrated considers. It can be tax indulgences; preferential crediting; The accelerated modernisation. The senior partner auditorsko - consulting company BDO in Russia Vladislav Poguljaev notices that measures of stimulation of industrialists, including metallurgists, for carrying out of modernisation of the manufactures directed on development of power saving up and nature protection technologies, exist in many countries. As he said, as a rule, it becomes by means of granting of tax privileges or possibilities of attraction of cheaper financing.

at the same time, the expert adds, to oblige the companies to deduct on these purposes a part of profit within the limits of the operating Russian legislation it is impossible - profit distribution is included into the competence of meetings of shareholders. probably, it is a question of definition of the sizes of investments into modernisation proceeding from profit size, but it is not clear, according to what standards of the reporting the profit " should be defined in that case; - mister Poguljaev marks.

Operating director Siemens VAI (affiliated structure German Siemens, engaged in manufacture of the equipment for metallurgists) in Russia and the Central Asia Mario Zukker considers Igor Sechina`s initiative expedient, as in domestic metallurgy the out-of-date equipment " is still used;. the Main task in metallurgy development in Russia the manufacture increase is represented to us became oxygen - konverternym and electroarc in the ways to close in the country last martin furnaces. The second problem is the share increase nepreryvnolityh preparations in total amount of half-finished products - has explained a top - the manager.

but metallurgists do not consider that the modernisation problem is actual for branch. On the end of 2010, tells a top - the manager of one of the enterprises, deterioration of the basic means as a whole on branch made 39,9 % - more low, than at oil industry workers and chemists. Thus the basic enterprises have negative dynamics on an indicator, that is the situation improves. Metallurgy - the most proinvested branch, agrees Cyril Chujko from UBS. Besides all enterprises of sector private, and proprietors, as a rule, aspire to modernisation, to force their sense are not present. Mario Zukker cites as an example Germany, noticing that in the market the constant competitive struggle compelling manufacturers to introduce more perfect and power saving up ways of manufacture there is observed.