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Siberia becomes covered by flax

Omsk manufacturers declared plans of creation of the enterprise for flax processing for territories of the Novosibirsk region. Business - the project plan omichi should present to the regional authorities in a month. Experts notice that definition of the nomenclature of production of the future enterprise, and risk of the project - chronic nedoinvestirovannost the industries and a rigid competition to import production becomes a main point for investors.

about plans for development of the Omsk enterprise LenOm yesterday has informed a site of the government of the Omsk region. In the information, referring to regional minprom, it is said that lnopromyshlennyj the holding intends to expand manufacture for the account business - expansion to the Novosibirsk region having created klaster on cultivation and deep processing of flax on the sample of the complex operating in Priirtyshe. According to officials, representatives of the Omsk enterprise have already carried out consultations in the device of the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district and in the government of the Novosibirsk region.

as the president of Open Company " has informed ; LenOm Gennady Smyslov, parametres of the Novosibirsk project are now discussed. It is supposed to construct one or several factories on flax processing, the production cycle will include also a raw-material base. In the beginning of 2011 LenOm has started in the city of Kalachinske (Omsk region) factory on processing of flax by capacity nearby 770 t in a year, production - medical cotton wool. According to mister Smyslova, Novosibirsk factories will specialise also on manufacture of cotton wool or other dressings. To name a site of the future enterprises and settlement volume of investments lnozavodchik was at a loss.

the Minister of Agriculture of the Novosibirsk region George Ivaschenko has confirmed the fact of negotiations and interest of the regional authorities. As he said, the project will present on investment council at the governor of the Novosibirsk region. if it is approved, will receive the privileges provided by the local legislation, for example under taxes - the official has specified.

now in territory of the Novosibirsk region flax manufacture is developed basically in Masljaninsky area, there are areas under crops of flax and in Iskitimsky. According to the regional Ministry of Agriculture, following the results of 2011 the Novosibirsk region has collected more than 100 thousand t flax from 5,82 thousand in hectare that is the best result among subjects of the Russian Federation.

According to the head of administration of Masljaninsky area Vyacheslav Jarmanova, a local complex of the enterprises processes flax in a short and long linen fibre - from it the heater further is made, and a waste is used for ekotopliva. Mister Jarmanov believes that the main problem for present lnozavodchikov, both novosibirtsev, and omichej, is not so much creation of new manufactures, how many understanding of market prospects of branch. local and the federal authorities pay much attention to development of this branch, the federal target program is accepted, there is an understanding and from banks, therefore to create new manufacture from zero quite probably. But the main thing - to define perspective commodity markets and consumption volumes - he has underlined.

interest of investors to flax manufacture confirm in the Siberian bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. Last year the bank has gone on the agreement of lawsuit with NPO the Altay flax . The enterprise since 2008 realises rbl. project in cost of 800 million on creation of manufacture of nonwoven materials, including a fireproof heater, but in crisis has met difficulties on service of credits. As the project is considered innovative and is supported by the regional government, the Savings Bank has met the Altay company.

analyst IK finam Anna Mishutina estimates volume of the Russian market of products of processing of flax in $3,5 - 4 billion Against growth of world and internal demand for the linen fibre, actively used today not only in the textile industry, but also in the widest spectrum of various sectors of economy, there is a considerable potential of growth - madam Mishutina explains. As she said, it is necessary to consider that flax acts as almost unique source of raw materials of an internal origin for the textile industry that assumes strategic value of development of branch.

However, the expert marks, last years the situation in sphere of manufacture and flax processing remains enough difficult. Against chronic nedoinvestirovannosti the industry and a rigid competition to import production manufacture as raw materials, and processing products does not grow. As proof of the words madam Mishutina cites given Rosstata according to whom volume of total gathering of flax - dolguntsa on the average in the last some years were formed at level nearby 45 - 50 thousand t, volume of release of linen fabrics - 45 million in sq. m.

As Gennady Smyslov has specified, the project of Omsk Open Company LenOm on development of linen manufacture in territory of the Novosibirsk region it will be presented the regional authorities in a month.