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“ Rusanton “ goes on world

Omsk arbitration has prolonged for three months competitive manufacture in going bankrupt Open Company “ Financial group “Πσρΰνςξν“ “. The developer who has run into debt to creditors about 40 million of rbl., intends to conclude with them the agreement of lawsuit. The prospect of an exit from bankruptcy procedure has appeared at “ Rusantona “ after an exception court from the register of the largest creditor - the mayoralties of Omsk with long rbl. in 950 million

the Arbitration court of the Omsk region past Tuesday has prolonged for three months competitive manufacture in Open Company “ Financial group “Πσρΰνςξν“ “. As the competitive managing director of group Maxim Habarov, the general debt " has informed „“; Rusantona “ before five creditors makes 40 million rbl. to the Core - Open Society “ Territorial project institute “Ξμρκγπΰζδΰνοπξεκς“ “ - the developer has run into debt 24,05 million rbl. Besides, in the list of creditors: Open Company “ Am and At “ Open Company “ Strojkompleks “ Open Company “ Innovative technologies “ and tax service. “ from property at the debtor only the right of rent of the ground area, which cost it is estimated in 320,8 million rbl. “ - the managing director has noted.

Open Company “ Financial group “Πσρΰνςξν“ “ it is created in 1992. For microdistrict building New Chukreevka in 2007 the group has bought the right of rent of 171 hectares in a left bank of Omsk for 1,1 mlrd rbl. for a period of nine years. Under the project approved by the city authorities in 2008, erection about 1,5 million in sq. m of habitation and 30 objects of commercial real estate was provided. Investments were estimated in $1,6 billion microdistrict Building till now has not begun. Competitive manufacture on the simplified procedure in “ to Financial group “Πσρΰνςξν“ “ for a period of six months the arbitration court of the Omsk region has entered on January, 18th last year, in July it has been prolonged for half a year. With the claim about bankruptcy in October, 2010 Svetlana Shevchenko has addressed the liquidator of Open Company. Then, as its representative Konstantin Kozlov has informed „“, a debt “ Rusantona “ before creditors exceeded 1,14 mlrd rbl. the Core the department of property relations (DIO) the mayoralties of Omsk to which the developer has run into debt for rent of the site which has been taken away for building by New Chukreevki, more than 950 million rbl.

However as Maxim Habarov has explained „“, in July of last year the Eighth arbitration appeal court under the claim of the creditor of Open Company " was; Strojkompleks “ has cancelled the decision on inclusion DIO in the register of creditors. The debt to the mayoralty in 951,3 million rbl. has taken out court for the register. Admission DIO of monthly term of filing of application about inclusion in the list of creditors became the reason of such decision: it has expired on March, 7th last year, and officials have submitted it only on March, 18th. The department did not begin to appeal against against the decision of the appeal. Now, as have explained in court, a debt before DIO “ Rusanton “ should extinguish after will pay off with all creditors included in the register.

in judicial session the assistant to competitive managing director Maxim Habarova Alexey Zajtsev has informed that “ Rusanton “ intend to leave on the agreement of lawsuit with creditors. “ the new agreement of lawsuit assuming calculation in the monetary form is prepared. The first provided reception by creditors of the right of rent of a part of the ground area, however soon this variant have refused “ - Maxim Habarov has explained. It is expected that on January, 20th at meeting creditors should terminate the first agreement of lawsuit and then discuss conditions new.

yesterday one creditors have refused to make comments on prospects of the conclusion of the agreement of lawsuit with “ Rusantonom “. “ I am connected by confidentiality conditions “ - the lawyer " has explained; Omskgrazhdanproekta “ the Novel of Tchervonetses. Others - have informally told „“ that doubt debt return “ Rusantonom “. “ At the debtor unique more or less distinct active - the right of rent of the ground area. However the legal nature of this active is not clear for today, not clearly to whom it belongs. And as clearness on a site at anybody from us is not present today, negotiations about the conclusion of the agreement of lawsuit and other variants go extremely hard “ - one of creditors " has informed on the condition of anonymity; Rusantona “.

In the Omsk mayoralty yesterday have declared that the ground area lease contract under microdistrict building New Chukreevka has been terminated with “ Rusantonom “ in the end of the last year. “ the Earth is returned in the municipal property and in competitive weight “ Rusantona “ now this active is not present. The contract has been terminated from - that the company and has not liquidated a debt on rent in 1,1 mlrd rbl. “ - the head of department of an information policy of administration of Omsk Sergey Korabelnikov has explained. Now the municipality will search, as he said, for new investors on an active. In the mayoralty expect to repay a debt “ Rusantona “ - “ court orders on the come into force decisions of the courts " are shown the developer;.

Competitive manufacture in “ Rusantone “ comes to an end on April, 18th.