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Conditions of Americans the simple: that this code did not limit sphere of their influence

the USA have declared the consent to sign the International code of behaviour in space. The document demands to open a trajectory of movement of companions, to avoid collisions in space. In America the information is confidential so dialogue is hardly ended, experts consider.
the USA are ready to sign the International code of behaviour in space. It represents the arch corrected, which obliges the countries to open the data about a site and a trajectory of the companions. In the document it is offered to solve a problem of congestion of a space and to reduce to a minimum risk of collisions or other emergencies. About readiness of the United States to sign the code it is told in the official document on behalf of state secretary Hillari Clinton.

however it hardly becomes the final decision. In the USA time and again declared that rules contain too many restrictions, the correspondent of the newspaper " has informed; Ivan Safronov.

the assistant to the secretary on safety of Ellen Tosher is literally some days ago has told that here America cannot sign this code, because they have promoted in the technologies much more, than any other country, and for them it is obviously unprofitable, - Safronov has explained. - conditions of Americans simple enough: they want, that this code in any way did not limit sphere of their influence. For example, in one of rules of this code registers that all trajectories of movement of the companion should be in advance known, that it was possible precisely the nobility, what companion where flies. It is unprofitable to America, because movements of companions at present are state secret and are coded. They consider that it will lead to easing of their defensibility .

the behaviour Code in space, according to its authors, will help including to avoid collision of companions with space garbage. It is a problem has especially become aggravated last years, leading expert UK " marks; finam Management Dmitry Baranov.

recently more countries become participants of space activity, - marks Rams. - into an orbit it is deduced more and more devices. The problem of space garbage already, in general - that, is not discussed and is recognised as rather serious and essential to mankind ability to live. And we know examples of how orbit MKS periodically lift because it that evades from one slice, a fragment from another. That it is fraught, it too is in the history of mankind, there are signals when the nuts which have flown on the first space speed, bolts, fragments damaged good, new, qualitative companions .

According to the Minister of Defence of the USA, now in a circumterraneous orbit there is 22 thousand objects from which only about 1 thousand are operating companions.