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Tutti Arti. How to make our automatic machines it is more attractive to visitors art - platforms?

as I am going to sell design features the design Center " became the first place of trade; artplej . I have put there four automatic machines, however the first weeks which had on Prenew Year`s preparations and New Year`s vacation, have brought not those results on which I counted.

certainly, it can be connected with absence of special activity on the platform (except the first day of sales on December, 21st when in all territory of the centre Architectural new year was marked). Initially I staked that on a building roof the skating rink and as all ways there go through a hall with automatic machines will open, sales will be. From - for warm weathers the skating rink and has not opened, on vacation the centre has been actually closed.

it has set me thinking not only on a place, but also in general about features souvenir vendinga. The first results, dialogue with buyers, responses in a social network, and also councils of readers should help to me to correct strategy, to suggest an idea about necessary improvements.

the first question is connected with distance overcoming between the automatic machine and buyers. Much it is unusual that thus it is possible to buy not only something edible. As one of students of the British, " has commented; I have thought that this ice-cream or salads so sell now . He has advised to me to place the poster notifying on sale of souvenirs. Basically, I agree with it. Also, it is necessary to think up how to notify and invite visitors of other platforms of the centre to automatic machines.

the second question which should be solved in the near future, is a question of convenience of fulfilment of purchase. Automatic machines have been initially calculated on children, accordingly, the show-window in them is necessary on level of a waist and more low. My concept assumes that adult people will buy basically. Whether it is necessary to raise automatic machines for convenience of buyers or to leave them as is?

and the third question concerns assortment updatings. The matter is that now in each automatic machine are on sale from 5 to 10 versions of souvenirs: ranetki - suspension brackets of different colour are mixed with promo - badges of Artplej in the first automatic machine, glass toys of different colours and forms - in the second and the third, bags with different prints are mixed with promo - T-shirts - in the fourth. Choose the buyer cannot, and for the specified payment (100, 300 and 500 roubles) receives casually dropped out souvenir from presented on a show-window. This game it is possible to simplify: to clean promo - souvenirs and to reduce variations of glass toys. Whether to cost to go on assortment simplification? How much adventurous component reduces sales? On my supervision, considerably. On the other hand I do not know for certain, those passers-by who stated disappointment in impossibility of a choice would dare at purchase. How much they basically were ready to buy or simply wanted to express the opinion?

having designated these questions, I understand that I obviously do not have knowledge of spontaneous purchases. After all on this type my automatic machines are adjusted. And to correct a situation as in traditional retail trade and to tempt the disappointed buyer automatic machines, alas, cannot. I will arm therefore with knowledge and to do so that to pass by and refrain from purchase it was uneasy.

in summary I want to tell about pleasant results of the first day of sale. It was acquaintance to the first customers, students of the British. How much I could estimate, they are creative girls 23 - 25 years with a prosperity above an average. The first customer practically did not fluctuate before purchase and has got a souvenir (bag) for 500 roubles, not especially peering into a show-window. As she to me has told, it liked plastic packing spheres which can be used for creative projects. The second has joined in game and has thought to buy print ranetku in roses which to it also has dropped out. Their portrait and motivation have completely coincided with mine predesign representations. We will look, whether there was it accident or law.