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Reshalshchika on the Ministry of Internal Affairs prepare for delivery

for the Arrested person the day before in Novosibirsk eks - accusation in intermediary in a bribe yesterday has been brought to the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Maxim Kagansky. The consequence considers as its member of criminal group which for large compensations helped businessmen to solve through the high-ranking employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs problems with law enforcement bodies. To avoid five years` term which threatens it, the mister Kagansky can, having concluded the pre-judicial cooperation agreement.
the inspector of main investigatory management SKR across Moscow has brought to Maxim Kagansky accusation in the commission of crime, provided ch. 4 items 291. 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation (intermediary in bribery). Under the version of the investigation, the mister Kagansky was included into the organised group which participants in August of last year left on heads of the company the Physician Suspected of tomograph contraband, also have offered for $5 million through the people in the main investigatory management (GSU) GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Moscow to close this business. Businessmen have addressed in police and FSB. During the further negotiations which were passing under control of field investigators, businessmen managed to lower the sum to $3 million

In the end of September to two security guards and Maxim Kagansky`s driver near restaurant Azerbaijan have transferred a bag in which was 50 thousand, $1 thousand and paper a doll for the inspector of GSU GU Ministry of Internal Affairs Nelli Dmitrievoj investigating illicit case. Three intermediaries have detained at once, and the mister Kagansky managed to disappear. Then under guards took the inspector to Dmitriev which have accused on ch. 3 items 30 and ch. 6 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (attempt at bribe reception).

Maxim Kagansky the fault did not recognise. Lawyers advised to it to use the item 51 Constitutions, allowing not to testify against themselves, however the accused has agreed to give evidences on business. However, he has asked to transfer interrogation for two days as was strongly tired and did not eat from the moment of detention. According to some information, the figurant of a sensational case himself has refused from offered it field investigators of food, being afraid that him can poison or feed with the products containing so-called whey of truth from which at it it will be loosened tongue.

lawyers, in turn, have promised to address in the State Office of Public Prosecutor as, as they said, with the mister Kagansky illegal investigatory actions were ostensibly spent to their absence. Thus the mister Kagansky, under the version of defenders, declined to that he has refused their services.

in the near future one more accusation - on ch can be brought to Maxim Kagansky. 3 items 327 (use of obviously false document). The matter is that at detention in Novosibirsk at it have found the international passport given out in the end of the last year with a photo Kagansky, but written out on other surname. However, defenders say that it showed the document to nobody, and accordingly, in this case in its actions there is no crime structure.

Maxim Kagansky has been detained in cottage settlement Cedar near to Novosibirsk. He lived in a townhouse in Perspective street. By data being in absentia accused SKR and the arrested Presnensky regional court, the mister Kagansky from anybody especially did not disappear. Visited Novosibirsk restaurants, night clubs, walked in local parks. It has not used the international passport to leave the country as was afraid for destiny of the business, - it, in particular, posesses the building company and 11 gas stations.

by the way, to passengers of the plane of airline JUTejr Transporting mister Kagansky of Novosibirsk to Moscow, it was remembered as the heavy man chained in handcuffs with a small beard and in a sweater thick are viscous. It has overslept all flight, having refused a supper, and drank only mineral water.

under version SKR, Maxim Kagansky was a part for a long time of an operating organised criminal group which was engaged in extortion, putting pressure upon businessmen. Assistance to the given group, consider in investigating bodies, rendered both operating high-ranking employees of law-enforcement bodies, and were. Thus Maxim Kagansky carried out a role so-called reshalshchika, mediating between officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and businessmen.

Names of the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in SKR yet do not name, but how investigatory actions are spent, it is possible to draw a conclusion that is a question of the former first deputy of the chief of department of economic safety (DEB) the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andrey Horeve as which person Maxim Kagansky, and the head of GSU GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Moscow Ivan Gluhov was considered. Anyway in both recently rather actively are interested operative and investigating bodies. For example, Dmitriev`s inspector at election to it a preventive punishment in court said that from it achieve indications on general Gluhov. By the way, Maxim Kagansky was rather amicable with the son of the last.

In SKR have informed that other episodes of criminal activity of Maxim Kagansky are now established. Besides, inspectors find out, who from employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has helped to disappear to the fugitive. In particular, at SKR there is an information that in Novosibirsk the mister Kagansky was sheltered by the former employee DEBa which is the high-ranking official of local police. Besides, it was helped ostensibly by participants of grouping Pervomaets .

On the charge shown at present to Maxim Kagansky threatens from seven to twelve years of imprisonment, but in a case if business will be considered by court in a special order, term can become conditional or turn to the penalty. However for this purpose the mister Kagansky should conclude the pre-judicial cooperation agreement, in which frameworks to give evidences on assumed podelnikov, including generals.