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poezzhajte in places where all is: light, doctors, priests, police - also be dipped

More than 40 ice-holes have prepared in Moscow for the Christening, informs RIA Novosti news agency . Near fonts have placed warm locker rooms where also it will be possible to buy hot meal. Doctors and rescuers will be on duty in the same place. Oksana Barykina has discussed a theme with the party leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.
- you are dipped many years into an ice-hole for the Christening.

- Yes.

- Prepare today?

- I will not participate in it. I consider that it is very dangerous, harmful. I have shown that is possible. There was a record: there was a minus of 36 degrees, and to the whole world have shown a picture when I get out of an ice-hole in Northern pond, and from me water, and I in such delight flows down. Who wants - start up goes.

but it is impossible to push people to it as it is all - taki an extreme condition of the person. We can harm. At me while no harm existed, but we should not advertise it as it is all - taki too big overcooling of an organism. It is the unnatural environment.

But to people it is pleasant, sensations sharp. Let do. But we should warn each time that it is all - taki dangerously.

it as a great speed on the car, as rock-climbing. Our climbers here have gone to France - all! Have not reached! Therefore it is necessary to remember it always that it is the big risk, life threat. But I congratulate all, all I welcome and I will be glad that today ten thousand people on all country will plunge at midnight into ice cold water.

- Vladimir Volfovich, can, all of you - taki will impart experience how to prepare itself for this event?

- In - the first, it is necessary to have, of course, something warm, either a fur coat or a coat that in tent, it is obligatory to undress, not in the street, in tent. It is not necessary to wait for anything, quickly to go to an ice-hole, to plunge. It is not necessary three times! How many it will turn out. I loved only once. Why? When once - the organism has not time to be cooled. That is I only felt pokalyvanie on a skin of sharp difference, and an internal had not time to lower the temperature.

after that immediately itself to throw with a dressing gown, a fur coat. More likely in tent. There to be rubbed off properly quickly and to put on. To drink to tea hot and to leave. On all should leave 1 hour, no more. It is not necessary to stand there long. That is the main thing to exclude any disease is a speed. Have fallen - and there and then to leave water. There and then! The organism will not have time to be cooled at all, there will be a reaction only on a skin.

therefore are guilty, whether who tries hardly to float and long to be in water. It I consider very dangerous. And to receive pleasure, the pleasure is at once to plunge and there and then to leave.

- Here I just wanted to ask, what your condition was after you have plunged?

- it is very pleasant. Because, in - the first, itself okunanie in water almost normally passes, here it is not necessary to be afraid. But immediately, I speak, there and then to come up. When speak: Give three times or swim for a while - I consider it search will be.

sensation magnificent. As if the skin is updated for you. As though you anew were born. Here there is after a sauna, after a steam room at people any such condition. But it not that all - taki. It after hot air, after steam. And here after cold - here still a skin pricks so pleasantly. Any masseur so does not do never, any acupuncture. This very pleasant magnificent sensation.

but it is necessary to leave instant you from water. When air usually not so cold, but, as a rule, water is colder, than air and here it too a condition pleasant, so to say, a difference of temperatures. That is you feel the nature, feel life. You would like to live. Never will be bad mood when you have gone to plunge.

here if someone has now quarrelled: friends, a family, on work with the chief - here today poezzhajte in places where all is established: light, doctors, priests, police - also be dipped. But only for one instant and it is obligatory to put on. There and then to put on! In no event in swimming trunks, bathing suits there not to run, not to represent Sochi.

We live in the north. Here winter. But pleasure magnificent, sensation magnificent! And it natural. Simply cold!