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Al - Kaida wins Yemen

Insurgents Al - Kaidy promptly strengthening positions in Yemen, come nearer to capital of the country the Dignity - from it Osama bin Laden`s followers are separated by only 130 km. And radical Islamites - not the unique threat which has hung over Yemen which, according to experts, can break up into some parts.
from Are glad long inconsistent messages came. The authorities asserted that small group Al - Kaidy attacked local prison, has released prisoners, and then has left a city. In practice all has appeared more seriously. The group of insurgents totaled to thousand persons. They have really set prisoners free, but a city have not left. On the contrary, have established in it the power, having hung out in streets banners Al - Kaidy and portraits of Ajmana az - Zavahiri - Osama bin Laden`s successor.

before recent time Al - Kaida Operated basically in two southern provinces - Abjan and Shabva. The government has reconciled to it and often at all did not render resistance. So happens, for example, in May of last year when Islamites without a uniform shot have grasped Zindzhibar - the centre of a province of Abjan. Now Al - Kaida has, seemingly, aimed at capital - from grasped drivings Are glad to it an hour and a half.

opponents of president Ali Abdally Saleha suspect him of secret arrangement to Islamites. They consider that mister Saleh, 33 years correcting by the country, wants to delay thereby the, apparently, inevitable resignation. According to the peace treaty with opposition, to the prisoner in November at intermediary of Gulf States, the head of the state should leave after presidential election planned for February, 21st. In exchange it and its relatives will receive lifelong immunity from suit.

but after activization Al - Kaidy Supporters of the president have replaced tone. Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yemen Abu Bakr al - Kirbi has declared that in the circumstances presidential election in general should be transferred. In this case resignation of mister Saleha will be removed without day. The head of the new government of national unity, oppositionist Mohammed Basindva, with such prospect categorically do not agree. Suspecting mister Saleha of advances with terrorists, mister Basindva has demanded, that the president has left the country.

fight against terrorism always was a favourite trump of Ali Abdally Saleha in dialogue from the USA and with neighbours. The president of Yemen tried to present itself a unique barrier on an accession way to the country Al - Kaidy .

However, radical Islamites - not unique threat which Yemen faces. As already wrote (number from October, 26th, 2011 see), the country is on the threshold at once of four civil wars. Between supporters of president Saleha and its opponents from this the breeding union hashim. Between sunnitami and Shiits. Between the north and the south which till 1990 existed as the separate state - It is national - Democratic Republic Yemen. And, at last, war with Al - Kaidoj .

I would not began to exaggerate the threat proceeding from alkaidovtsev, - have declared the former ambassador of the USSR and the Russian Federation in Yemen Veniamin Popov. - they are not so strong to grasp to the Dignity. But as a whole in the country there is a drama situation. If opposition between the north and the south remains, sunnitami and Shiits if there will be a foreign intervention, Yemen can break up into some parts. The mode of president Saleha has admitted many errors, but it expressed historically true tendency - strengthening of the uniform state. If other logic prevails, it can turn back the big misfortunes for the country .

Threat somalizatsii Yemen - its disintegration on formations not under control to the centre - is real today more than ever. Experts are afraid that this process will occur irrespective of who will come in the stead Ali Abdalle Salehu - too many stubborn contradictions have simultaneously risen before the poorest country of Arabian peninsula.