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To radio stations have read new rates

the Russian author`s society (Russian Open Society) and the All-Russia organisation of intellectual property (VOIS) have co-ordinated with radio speakers increase of deductions to legal owners to pre-crisis level. As has found out rates will start to grow already from the second half of the year and by 2015 will increase with operating 1,4 - 2 % of a gain to 2 - 3 %.
In December, 2011 of the Russian Open Society, VOIS and the Russian academy of radio (RAR; unites the largest radio speakers) have signed the reports fixing a new procedure of payments of compensation, paid to legal owners, the general director of the Russian Open Society and trustee VOIS Sergey Fedotov and vice-president RAR Yury Kostin have confirmed.

gathering of compensation for public execution of the published pieces of music, and also their transfer to an aether or on a cable it is provided ch. 4 Civil codes of the Russian Federation. The Russian Open Society has the state accreditation on realisation of such gathering in favour of authors, and VOIS - in favour of executors and manufacturers of soundtracks. Better to say, if the radio station puts a song, as a rule, does not pay directly to its authors and executors in an aether. Instead she usually once a quarter lists certain percent of a gain into accounts of the Russian Open Society and VOIS, and already they pay off with legal owners. The percent is established in a contractual order though in some other spheres collective to managements of rate copyrights defines the government (for example, gathering from manufacturers and importers of audio - video equipment and data carriers). Under the rates co-ordinated between the Russian Open Society, VOIS and RAR, all large radio speakers work, mister Kostin underlines.

in 2009 - 2011 for radio speakers preferential rates of deductions in connection with crisis tendencies in the advertising market operated, Sergey Fedotov reminds. In particular, rates on author`s deductions made from 1,1 % to 2 %, and on the adjacent rights - from 0,1 % to 1,4 % depending on volume of a musical announcement of station (the maximum rate is applied to station where music occupies not less than 90 % of an aether) whereas before crisis the maximum rates have been fixed at level of 3 % and 2 % accordingly.

according to the Russian Open Society report for 2010, payments of radio speakers provide almost a quarter of all author`s gathering - 24,44 %. Thus payments of radio stations in 2010 - m were reduced to 10,04 %, to 658,242 million rbl., and the general gathering of the Russian Open Society - on 3 %, to 2,694 mlrd rbl.

the next years the radio advertising market will grow, and consequently, should grow and incomes of legal owners, consider in the Russian Open Society and VOIS. So, according to Association of communication agencies of Russia, for three quarters 2011 the advertising market on radio has made 7,8 - 8 mlrd rbl. without the VAT, that is has grown on 15 % in comparison with the similar period 2010 - go. It corresponds to level of first three quarters 2008. Agency ZenithOptimedia predicted that following the results of all 2011 the advertising market on radio will make 11,5 mlrd rbl., and in 2012 - the m will grow on 7 %, to 12,3 mlrd rbl.

As appears from reports, the percent of deductions will start to increase gradually from second half of 2012, during which Russian Open Society plans to collect 1,21 - 2,2 % of a gain of stations, and VOIS - 0,11 - 1,6 %. At last, rates of awards will grow to 1,65 - 3 % by 2015 (will be valid till the end of 2016 - go), and payments to executors and manufacturers of soundtracks - to 0,13 - 2 % by 2014 (are automatically prolonged on 2015-). These are compromise values - initially organisations on collective management of the rights offered sharper increase of rates, Yury Kostin notices. For branch the report - a guarantee of that new growth of rates the next years does not happen, he considers.

Thus since 2012 the base from which speakers pay compensation will extend also. Till now payments were estimated only from an advertising gain of radio stations - besides that, according to Rospechat, advertising in 2010 has brought to the Russian radio stations only 71 % of incomes, or 10,3 mlrd rbl. (the rest - grants; incomes of the cellular operators, connected with SMS - inquiries and votings, and so forth). Now into the list also enter sponsor`s placing; incomes of carrying out on air of lotteries and draws; a gain from SMS - services; and also budgetary funds and receipts from the noncommercial organisations, used on transfer to an aether of pieces of music. The innovation will mention the state radio stations which were till now in exclusive position as deductions from receipts from the state budget did not pay, the general director of one of the Moscow radio companies assumes.