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France estimates a genocide

Official opinion
Committee on the legislation of the Senate of France the bill of introduction of criminal punishment for negation of a genocide of Armenians in Ottoman empire in 1915 has rejected. During the voting which have taken place on Wednesday late at night, from 40 committee-men 23 have spoken against at 8 refrained. According to opponents of the document which for genocide negation assumes imprisonment about one year or the penalty in size 45 thousand, the offered text contradicts the constitution. freedom of expression of own opinion should exist, - the head of senatorial committee Jean - Pierre Sjuer has explained. - Besides we cannot copy history laws .

the Bill of introduction of an interdiction for negation of any cases of a genocide, including a genocide of Armenians in Ottoman empire in the XX-th century beginning, has been approved in the end of December of last year by National meeting - the parliament lower chamber. The authorities of Turkey then have declared a suspension of contacts to France in political and military spheres and have withdrawn the ambassador from Paris.

as the representative of Turkish embassy in Paris has noted yesterday, senatorial committee has clearly expressed the position, having declared illegality of the given legislative initiative . Nevertheless the committee decision has only recommendatory character, and on Monday the document will arrive for voting in the Senate where, predictably, the majority nevertheless will support the bill.