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The Central Electoral Commission has counted up a party aether

the Context
In 2011 about work of all parliamentary parties on a body - and radio channels VGTRK told in total more than 28 days has declared yesterday at session of the Central Electoral Commission (Central Electoral Committee) its vice-president Leonid Ivlev. However, within the limits of the law on equal access of parties to the state channels monitoring was conducted only prior to the beginning of the Duma election campaign, that is till August, 2011. For this period, as appears from the summary inquiry prepared TSIKom, parties have received equal volume of a broadcasting time and on federal TV channels, and on radio channels. For example, on federal TV channels VGTRK about an United Russia it was a question only 34 hours of 22 minutes, about the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 33 hours of 57 minutes, about LDPR - 33 hours of 58 minutes, and about Fair Russia - 34 hours of 5 minutes.

a just cause will change structure of management of party
Political council the Just cause Has made the decision on congress convocation on which the decision on modification of the charter, and also about a choice of the new chairman will be accepted. on February, 24th we will spend congress on which the question on new structure of management of party and transfer bolshej parts of powers to regions, including about independent personnel selection, local elections will be considered. If by this time there will be a figure on a post of the chairman of the party this nominee will be considered at congress - Andrey Dunaev has informed fulfilling duties of the chairman of the party. I think, party to write-off still early. There will be In the near future a search and attraction of new popular figures to party, including what took part in protest meetings - has informed a member of federal political council Vladislav Inozemtsev. In its opinion, someone to name concrete, who could lead party, while early. At the same time mister Inozemtsev has noticed that negotiations on this question can begin only in three weeks.