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To Bangladesh have prevented revolution

Race for power
Army Bangladesh has prevented the military coup d`etat attempt overthrow of the prime minister of the country Sheikh Hasiny and coming to power of group disloyal to the authorities of the officers supported by Islamic extremists was which purpose. It was declared yesterday by the representative of the Minister of Defence, brigade general Muhammad Masud Razzak.

We had been received the information that a number of the officers who are on military service, planned to carry out plot for the purpose of overthrow of the democratic power - has informed Muhammad Masud Razzak. As he said, a kernel of conspirators made one and a half ten army ranks, adhering radical religious sights . In the interests of the investigation the representative of the Minister of Defence did not begin to name any names, having informed only that conspirators are arrested and will soon appear before the military court.

we will remind that the state Bangladesh ( The country of Bengaleses ) has arisen in 1971, having broken away from Pakistan. As well as Pakistan, the country has endured some military coup d`etats. So, in 1975 during revolution the founder Bangladesh Sheikh Mudzhibur Rahman which daughter is the present prime minister Sheikh Hasina has been killed.