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South Ossetia will make the overdue protest

South Ossetia is on the threshold of new opposition. Tomorrow in Tshinvale the meeting of opposition first after December mass protests will take place - its leader Alla Dzhioeva has withdrawn the signature under the December agreement with the authorities and has demanded to delegate the power to the duly elected president .
with the authorities leaders of opposition have signed the Agreement in December, after fortnight protest actions on a central square of Tshinvala. At intermediary of the representative of the Kremlin Sergey Vinokurova the power and opposition have reached the compromise: Edward Kokojty has resigned of the president, and the opposition has withdrawn people from the area. However all other points of the agreement, according to Alla Dzhioevoj, are not executed. there it has been registered that the public prosecutor and the chairman of the Supreme court will be sent in resignation, - has explained Alla Dzhioeva. - But it has not occurred: party in power Unity Has executed the order of Kokojty and has not confirmed resignation of these officials .

Madam Dzhioeva considers that opposition and voters have intentionally deceived. we registered in the agreement not attempt of resignations of Hugaeva and Bichenova, and their real resignation, - she is indignant. - and nobody will convince me that the party leader Unity has not managed to convince 17 deputies to vote for these resignations as these deputies always vote on command . Alla Dzhioeva says that it has executed the part of the agreement: has withdrawn from street of people and has given a victory of 17 thousand voters (it is so much voices has typed on elections), though to make it, as she said, was much more difficult, than to the leader Unities to persuade 17 deputies .

the Power, according to the leader of opposition, has not executed and oral promises . To us promised that my colleague Anatoly Barankevich becomes vitse - the prime minister, but it has not occurred, - Alla Dzhioeva speaks. - To us promised possibility to state the point of view in mass-media, but it too has not occurred .

In the government of South Ossetia believe that the leader of opposition accepts emotional decisions . According to a source in the governmental circles, Alla Dzhioevu was touched with refusal of prime minister Vadim Brovtseva fulfilling duties of the president, to meet it. what for now any meeting if legally agreements are executed? - The interlocutor " asks; . - They have written that demand from the president of resignation of these people, the president has fulfilled their requirements. Yes, they have got to a trap but who in it is guilty?

Alla Dzhioeva does not deny that is touched by Vadim Brovtseva`s refusal: I have written Brovtsevu the letter in which I analyze agreement results, and have asked about a meeting. Time for me at and. The island of the president is not present time, we will go out of doors, that he has heard our requirements .

Meanwhile among colleagues of the leader of opposition split - as she said, " was outlined; movement on upholding of the rights of voters takes away the power on corners . The colleague of madam Dzhioevoj sotsial - democrat Sergey Zaseev considers that with meeting the opposition was late - to leave the agreement it was necessary earlier when the parliament has refused to confirm resignations of the public prosecutor and the chairman of the Supreme court. today, when new elections are appointed and some candidates are registered, already late - the oppositionist is convinced. According to Sergey Zaseeva, the population is not ready today to new protest actions - they are adjusted on new elections .

About participation in new elections which will take place on March, 25th, participants of the previous presidential race - Igor Alborov and George Kabisov, and also vitse - the speaker of parliament Yury Dzitstsojty have already declared. It is supposed that within the next few days participation in elections will declare one more vitse - the speaker of parliament Mira Tshovrebova. First two candidates are considered close to Edward Kokojty`s command, both vitse - the speaker during opposition protest actions expressed support to Alla Dzhioevoj and Edward Kokojty`s resignation demanded.

Alla Dzhioeva, most likely, cannot participate in new elections - though in the December agreement to it it actually guaranteed. Under the law the candidate on which fault the previous elections are recognised by void, to new elections is not supposed - of it recently has reminded and not dismissed head of Supreme court Atsamaz Bichenov. Alla Dzhioeva already named new elections illegitimate - In its opinion, legitimate elections have taken place on November, 29th, and at South Ossetia is the duly elected president .