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Proficiency of oil and gas

the Ministry of Finance has summed up execution of the federal budget in 2011. Instead of a year of deficiency planned in the beginning proficiency in 0,8 % of gross national product is received. Budgetary well-being to the government was provided with taxes from oil and gas sale without which account backlog of incomes of expenses, by calculations of the Ministry of Finance, twice exceeds safe for stability of state treasury level.
under the published data of the Ministry of Finance, total incomes of January - have made December 11,35 trln rbl. (102 % from the annual task). One year ago for the same period it has been collected on 3 trln rbl. less - 8,3 trln rbl. state treasury Expenses in 2011 have made 10,94 trln rbl. (98 % of the task; one year ago on 0,8 trln the rbl. is less - 10,1 trln rbl.) . Thus, following the results of a year proficiency of the budget at a rate of 0,42 trln rbl., or 0,8 % of gross national product is fixed. One year ago the situation looked absolutely differently - the budget of 2010 has been executed with deficiency of 3,9 % of gross national product.

we will remind, the very cautious Ministry of Finance expected deficiency and in 2011 - department changed this indicator in the law on the federal budget three times. At first at the look-ahead price of oil of $75 it has been defined at level of 3,6 % of gross national product, then, after revision of expectations on Urals to $105 for the barrel, the planned indicator has been lowered to 1,3 % of gross national product. More close by the end of the year expected price of raw materials has been corrected to $108 for barrel, and the size of deficiency from the crisis beginning has been legislatively brought for the first time to naught. However the validity has surpassed again expectations of officials (meaningly, however, underestimated) - the average price of barrel Urals as a result in 2011 has developed at level of $109,35, and deficiency has turned back proficiency at a rate of 0,8 %.

we Will note, though in the government insist that present budgetary well-being is connected not only with a rise in price of hydrocarbons, but also with the general growth of economy, incomes of state treasury and the price for oil in 2011 in relation to 2010 have grown equally - on 40 %. The direct curator of the budget - the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov of special delight concerning tactical proficiency, seemingly, does not test. Yesterday in a lobby of Gajdarovsky readings he has informed that not oil and gas deficiency (without incomes of oil and gas) in 2011 has made 9,7 %. The minister named this indicator huge : by ministry calculations, it twice exceeds safe for stability of state treasury level in 4 - 5 % of gross national product.

separately in December the situation with budget execution traditionally looked absolutely differently, than as a whole on a year. December incomes were equal 1,19 trln rbl., expenses - 2,14 trln rbl. That 2,7 times above an average index of volumes of development of budget money the last months. Such splash was expected: last month year expenses on the salary and the pensions paid ahead of schedule - on account of January seasonally sharply grow. Besides, in December bjudzhetopoluchateli as the curtain fell hastily master the limits of budgetary obligations allocated with it that them cut down next year. To spend everything that has given the Ministry of Finance, however, again it was not possible - expenses are executed on 98,3 % (in 2010 - on 98,4 %).