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VTB 24 has increased crediting for 40 %

the Conjuncture
Yesterday VTB 24, the second-large Russian retail bank, has presented the basic financial results following the results of 2011. As a whole development of business of bank passes in a channel of tendencies, the general for all bank sector. As well as reported in the afternoon before the Savings Bank (yesterday`s number " see; ), VTB 24 has finished year with record profit which in its case has made 28,9 mlrd rbl. that on 72 % of the profit more received following the results of 2010. The volume of a retail credit portfolio has grown at VTB 24 on 40 %, more than to 640 mlrd the rbl., thus volume of the means involved from physical persons, has increased by 31,5 % (to 829,7 mlrd rbl.) . According to head VTB of 24 Michael Zadornov, December has given to bank about a quarter of an annual gain of means of citizens. As well as the Savings Bank, VTB 24, planning further growth of crediting, is going to increase while attraction of means of citizens lagging behind on rates of increase on deposits at the expense of increase of rates. Since January, 25th the bank raises rates under rouble contributions on the average on 1 percentage point, on dollar - on the average on 0,25 percentage points. After increase the maximum rate under rouble contributions will make about 8,2 %, on dollar remains approximately at the same level (4,5 %), but the difference between rates under deposits for long and short terms will be a little levelled, mister Zadornov has declared.