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In Tolyatti the head of electoral committee

the Context
the Samara regional election committee was replaced Yesterday has satisfied a resignation of the head of Autofactory territorial selective committee (TIC) of Tolyatti of Yury Hvostova. The Autozavodsky TIC is allocated by powers of municipal electoral committee to which the next months should conduct campaigns for elections of the mayor of Tolyatti and the president. Following the results of elections of deputies of the State Duma on December, 4th, 2011 this TIC has fixed the worst result an United Russia in the Samara region - 24,76 % (against 39,37 % as a whole on region). Other parties have received much more voices, than on the average on region: On elections on December, 4th, 2011 this committee has fixed the lowest result an United Russia in the Samara region. Yesterday the decision of regional election committee the TIC was headed by George Bashkirov. Against leaving of mister Hvostova and urgent appointment of the new chairman representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, " voted; Fair Russia And LDPR. To receive Yury Hvostova`s comment yesterday it was not possible. It has been renominated to the TIC post of the head in May, 2011 and could remain on this place till May 2016 - go. The successor of mister Hvostova George Bashkirov - the assistant to the general director of Open Company UK Russia on Volga . It has been entered into TIC structure on representation an United Russia this week, and in last structure of the commission represented LDPR. Earlier mister Bashkirov was the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Central area Tolyatti and worked under the direction of Alexander Shahova who nowadays stands in mayors from an United Russia .