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Vladimir Putin has met heads FIFA and UEFA

the Prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin who stands from party an United Russia on presidential election on March, 4th, has declared that (Unified State Examination) is not the great admirer of uniform state examination.
I too am not the absolute fan of Unified State Examination - the prime minister at a meeting with football fans in which heads FIFA and UEFA also participated has told. Participants of conversation have brought up a question of an education system and have sharply scarified Unified State Examination. The prime minister has noticed that here in Unified State Examination system there are pluses, but also recognised presence of negative sides, including possibilities for abusings. Participants of a meeting also have mentioned a question of cancellation of transition to winter time, transfers RIA News . Fans have complained that after cancellation of winter transfer of hours the difference in time with Europe has increased by an hour and after evening viewing of the matches which are passing in Europe, it became heavy to rise in the mornings. I am not the author of this decision - mister Putin has noted. Fans have taken an interest at the prime minister, whether hard to it to rise after viewing of evening football matches. to me to rise always it is heavy - with a smile the head of the government has answered.