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Juan Ernandes Pizhuan in MMSI on Tver
In MMSI in the Tver parkway opens Juan Ernandesa Pizhuana`s retrospective show. The Spanish artist has died seven years ago at the age of 74 years, having achieved not that that glory, but enough honourable status. Pizhuan - the silent avant-gardist. Almost all its works - monochrome pictures of quiet colours with more or less in regular intervals distributed whether figures, whether uzorchikami - tochechkami, waves and other ripples. First they were quite abstract, then began to remind primitive landscapes more. Small houses, bridges and other details of an unknown landscape have started to appear. Pizhuan it is similar on calmed Glue, not ambitious Rotko (and which - where for de Kuninga and Miro). However at it like would be not present either philosophical discernments, or mystical effort, special creative theories. In it much more technics, though also very charming. Not without reason Pizhuan asked, that it named not the artist (artista) - this word by the XX-th century end began to designate too different things, - and the draughtsman (pintor). In such pose denying the present there is, of course, a lot of pride, but there is also a pleasant knowledge of the corner. Actually a charm of Pizhuana - just in such timeless cosiness. Its pictures do not pretend to be naive rural landscapes, being actually abstraktsionistskimi experiments. On the contrary: it also is not ambitious art calming an eye, let and executed by quite talented pupil of considerable avant-gardists.