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Winter numismatical auction Coins and medals
In Moscow the first opens a numismatical season firm Coins and medals . The main feature of its forthcoming Winter numismatical auction - a huge variety of prizes both on chronology, and on subjects. In total will be on sale more than semithousand subjects - not only coins, but also desktop medals, counters, banknotes, actions, bonds and books on numismatics.

one of the most remarkable prizes - silver nagradnaja a medal For bravery with a portrait of emperor Nikolay I, rapped out in 1825 - 1840. A profile of the emperor on a medal so-called early type - without moustaches that gives to a subject an additional rarity (an estimation of 1,4 million rbl.) .

the Rarity - as a matter of fact, the main criterion at an estimation of coins and medals. For this reason, for example, one and a half rouble, chekanennye in 1839 on the occasion of monument opening on the Borodino field, cost nowadays a half-million rubles. A medal of the Imperial Russian society of gardening in St.-Petersburg For works on gardening too rare, besides gold. Besides, it differs beautiful difficult design: the goddess of fertility with agricultural tools and fruits, on the other hand - a wreath from magnificent roses (180 thousand rbl.).

Is at auction and section of the Soviet period. In it the trial medal is presented to memory of stay of delegation of Cuba in the USSR, with Fidel Castro`s portrait, rapped out on the Leningrad mint in 1963, for example. The medal has not gone to circulation and is very rare (80 thousand rbl.)

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