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Force of alternative


in power in a fashion - to underline Last 10 years the muskulinnuju the nature, therefore predstavlennost women in public sphere leaves much to be desired. Since the basis of Levada - the centre we ask Russians to name known women who were remembered by it most of all in the end of the year. And results of this rating for us became recently surprisingly predicted: in leaders traditional pair - Matvienko and Pugacheva, playing a supporting role - popular persons from the TV. At the beginning of the century the list still could replenish with Irina Khakamada or, for example, Chulpan Hamatovoj, today these women have appeared forced out. Periodically arise stars on an hour like Anastasii Zavorotnjuk, but they are forgotten by Russians with closing of telecasts which conducted.

absence of interest to a female sight at things - a disturbing symptom of our public field. He specifies in disappearance of responsibility of politicians before a society, on their isolation from a social environment. Not casually in Russia and there was no phenomenon of influential first ladies, and Vladimir Putin frankly positions itself as the person out of a context of a home and communications. In such situation of the woman are compelled or to play by man`s rules, joining the prepotent point of view of force, or to take a step back, getting used to patriarchal representations about the role.

with confidence it is possible to tell: as soon as the female voice becomes swept up in the Russian policy, we will be demokratichnee. Russia is necessary the influential, independent women, capable to offer alternative to strong-arm tactics.