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When all energy is directed on overthrow, overthrow is everything that will manage to achieve

On Thursday Vladimir Churov at commission session has suggested colleagues to consider possibility of the leaving from a post. Members of the Central Electoral Committee have rejected the initiative. The power the political analyst " cannot ignore the opposition requirement any more, but; FM Stanislav Kucher warns citizens of Russia against attempts to repeat destiny heroes of the Maidan .
After my yesterday`s remark to one only to the editor-in-chief has called the person twenty with a question: And what, now Putin`s Driver has fallen in love, time has written, what it does not have alternative? so refined aesthetes - revolutionaries I will calm at once: no, has not fallen in love. I am alien delights in relation to any power, to present, made everything to destroy free journalism in the country - in particular. But it does not mean that, waking up in the morning, I have not breakfast, yet I will not find an occasion for something to drive to the Kremlin. Frankly - I see the problem not so much in criticising the power, how many in helping people to understand that occurs around. That is frequent - same.

to love or not to love Putin now - a waste of time. Its time has left, the epoch comes to an end, pleasant it to someone or not.

All who wants the present changes in the country, should understand one: in new year the main task oppositions - association of forces round powerful alternative to Putin. Desakralizatsija the power and the national leader as its symbol has already happened. Whistle in Olympic meeting on Marsh, results of elections in the Duma. Putin has made concessions. Resignation of Churova - next to volume the proof.

certainly, propaganda on a theme finish a hydra! Will sound from radicals anyway. But, I will remind, when all energy is directed only on overthrow, overthrow is everything that will manage to achieve. to destroy at any cost - the slogan wonderful for patriotic war or for struggle with filled in the country blood the dictator. At all love oppositions to Putin, it is obvious not that case.

orange revolution in Ukraine has confirmed wisdom of the Brazilian saying 11 stars do not do a command . Having fallen down Yanukovych, heroes of the Maidan excuse my French, razosralis in race for power so that today Yanukovych again rulit Ukraine, and heroine Julja braids a plait absolutely in simple interiors.

at me excellent relations with all visible oppositionists - from Ryzhkova to Navalnogo. But, if in the near future all these children continue to sort out relations on a theme Who any more does not love Putin? or Who will move behind itself a march on February, 4th they will lose the same as already lost time and again. Without dependence from that, it will be possible to them hardly earlier or later to fall down a Putin mode, or not. Collective leadership, provisional government We - not irokezskaja confederation. In Russia such beautiful songs always came to an end with the bitter we cry.

after vacation me have disappointed both Putin, and opposition. But the opposition - is more, because from the prime minister I already waited for nothing. The opposition yet has not offered neither alternatives to Putin, nor the concrete program on a theme Life after Putin .

Russian long harnesses, but quickly goes. In December we, at last, have harnessed. Now - it is a high time to go. But sensation such that while all so would like to jerk already in all heavy what to spit, where. I will remind saying of the Rabbit from Alisy in the country of miracles : When you do not know where to go, any road will take away you there . I on life the careless goer - but I all - taki advise to the majority of normal people not to tear from a place, is not clear yet where to go and with whom.