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the Deposit from the first days of stay of Michael Makfola remains at the Russian power for a long time

Arrival in Moscow Michael Makfola was marked by scandal hardly probable not for the second day of its embassy. The meeting with the opposition, spent to embassy of the USA, has caused Michael Leonteva`s sharp rebuff in a prime - a time of the First channel. An observer FM Konstantin Eggert considers that before Makfolom there is an uneasy choice.
if proofs that an epoch " are necessary to someone; reboots relations of Russia and America has ended, let will look at program record However on the Internet. Such attack to head of diplomatic mission in general and the more so embassies of the United States, I will not remember even in Soviet period. Whether

a joke - the ambassador of a superstate number one for the third day of its business trip accuse of that, for what others declare the persona non grata and send. This attack, undoubtedly, has been co-ordinated on the top that gives situations an additional sharpness.

Michael Makfol too operated not spontaneously, it is clear. Moreover, to a meeting with opposition he, in the company of the assistant to state secretary Burns, has had time to pay visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and even to transfer copies of credentials - to have possibility to begin work. So formally decencies are observed.

I talked both with Russian, and to foreign diplomats. All have converged that in embassy of the USA for the second day after arrival of the new ambassador in the Kremlin will apprehend reception of oppositionists as conscious demonstration of the certain political approach. One former employee of the Russian embassy in Washington even has assumed that now Makfolu at a distant day will be possible to meet personally the Russian president and to hand over credentials. I think, pomarinujut it now - he has noticed. And though relations should be adjusted sooner or later, the deposit from the first days of stay of the former professor of Stanford University remains at the Russian power for a long time.

In addition, the estimation Makfolom and reorganisation epoch, and the ninetieth years strongly disperses from an estimation of the Russian heads. And it conducts to essentially different view on the present and the future of Russia. On the other hand, experience in the White house gives vent to the new ambassador serious advantage straight line plus on Obama.

in case of loss of democrats on elections, the Kremlin will hope that instead of Makfola republicans will send the career diplomat not inclined to drama gestures, and to hint Washington at desirability of such step. However, not the fact that these hopes will come true. If Barack Obama remains for the second term it cannot ignore growth of oppositional moods in Russia. Means, it is necessary to attack yet time a sick callosity of inhabitants of the Kremlin anxious orange threat . So Michael Makfola`s mission in Moscow it will not be exact the easy.