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Spoke - said that Olja Zajtseva was tired, now she has shown it

Russian national team remained without medals in female sprint at the sixth stage of a cup of the world on biathlon. The German Magdalena Nojner became the first. Of events on a line observed a sports observer Businessman FM Vladimir Osipov.
said that our leader of a female national team, Olga Zajtseva, was tired much. Spoke, spoke, but Olja carried. It improbably hardy person, it had enough forces to act excellent. At times there there were fourth places, but constantly it showed good results and brought to us gold. But here trainers have overdone, abundantly clear.

Imagine: four misses in the first firing line Olja Zajtseva has admitted, the fifth miss - on the second fire in a rack. And here it became already perfect clearly that Russian national team cannot apply for any high places, because, unfortunately, except Olga Zajtsevoj, nobody can argue with such serious girls, as Magdalena Nojner, Kajsa Makarjajnen and Darya Domracheva. But Domracheva, present, with two misses took bronze. Thus, Nojner with one miss took gold, and Kajsa Makarjajnen has closed all targets and the second has come.

very much it would be desirable to tell warm words about Olga Viluhinu who now has occupied the sixth place, it has closed all targets. But feet that is called, in speed to argue with such girls as Round Berger, Helena Ekholm, of course, cannot. Yes nobody can, to tell the truth, in our national team, except Olga Zajtsevoj. It is a little bit disturbing on the eve of the World championship, but it absoljutnejshy the fact and, of course, now it is necessary for Olga Zajtsevoj to allow to have a rest, because while at such level works for us can nobody. Spoke - said that Olja was tired, now she has shown it. Now it will not would be desirable to speak At all, nerves do not maintain.