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The mayor of Abakan have again declassified

Khakass Office of Public Prosecutor demands to cancel the decision of the Supreme court of the republic which have recognised legality of the decision of the head of Abakan of Nikolay Bulakina about payment to officials of city administration of extra charges for work with classified documents. The supervising body asserts that the mayoralty has presented the document to court in invalid edition, and payments are made under other decision and it has been hidden from justice. Extra charges for privacy became the basis for excitation of criminal case against Nikolay Bulakina, him suspect of abusing powers of office.

as the Khakass Office of Public Prosecutor, representation has informed on cancellation of the decision on legality of payment of extra charges for privacy yesterday to employees of the mayoralty of Abakan is directed to the Supreme court of republic on January, 18th. The established fact of concealment by the mayor of Abakan Nikolay Bulakinym from court and Office of Public Prosecutor of data on modification of the challenged standard legal certificate " became the basis; - it is underlined in department. In Office of Public Prosecutor consider that the court of the first instance has made the decision, being based on invalid edition of the document. The same invalid document as the Khakass Office of Public Prosecutor confirms, has been presented also to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation which has confirmed a verdict of republican Supreme court. Therefore the Office of Public Prosecutor considers all earlier taken out decisions unreasonable as courts have been misled by the Abakan mayoralty.

department challenges in court the decision of mayor Nikolay Bulakina from February, 7th, 2011 About protection of the state secret in local governments of municipal union the city of Abakan . According to this document, officials of city administration receive monetary extra charges (to 20 % from a salary) for work with classified documents. Public prosecutors have counted this practice illegal. But on July, 25th last year the Supreme court of Khakassia recognised the decision of city administration of Abakan corresponding to the federal legislation, and in September the Supreme court of the Russian Federation has supported this decision. As wrote , extra charges to workers of the mayoralty for work with classified documents became an occasion to excitation in May, 2011 concerning the head of Abakan of criminal case on ch. 2 items 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Abusing powers of office ). Now the legal investigation concerning Nikolay Bulakina proceeds.