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The court has not supported the claim of tax specialists to to the Coin

17 arbitration appeal court has left the complaint of tax inspection on Chkalovsky area of Ekaterinburg to Open Company the Element - the Trade (a trading network the Coin ) Without satisfaction. Yesterday representatives of tax department tried to appeal against against the decision of arbitration court of the Sverdlovsk area which have been taken out on October, 28th, 2011. According to it, ritejler, representing itself as the respondent, has successfully challenged department claims about non-payment of 113,4 million roubles of profit taxes which has been ostensibly admitted in 2006-2008. We will remind, tax inspection in 2010 during exit check has established that ritejler has spent 472,5 million roubles for the sublicense contract with the Cyprian company Richmane trading limited (according to fiscal body, it affilirovana with the co-owner of a trading network Romanom Zabolotnovym). The contract provided that the trading network acquired the right to using the trademark the Coin . According to fiscal body, thus was it is artificial the tax base of the company is underestimated.