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Bankers have not passed licensing at a consequence

In Moscow activity of the next underground bank is stopped, throughout several years helping physical and to legal bodies to leave from the taxation. On it has informed investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. By estimates of inspectors and detectives, the daily turn of money resources at schemers made more than 1 mlrd rbl. Figurants of business became more than ten persons to whom accusation in illegal bank activity is brought.
activity of underground bank with two office premises in Moscow and several armour collector cars of Volkswagen which were actively engaged in 2007 - 2011 cashing in of large money resources, field investigators of Central administrative board of economic safety and corruption counteraction (GUEBiPK) the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation have become interested in autumn of last year. The suspicion in field investigators was caused first of all by volumes of the sums translated into the accounts of doubtful firms for the purpose of cashing in.

the Operative way possible to establish that in activity of the underground bank which was illegally carrying out monetary calculations and transfers under commissions physical and legal bodies, their cash service and collection of money resources, took part more than ten persons. Thus the daily monetary turn of bank, according to investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, averaged 1 mlrd rbl. the Operative way also has been established that not having licences bankers worked mainly in Moscow and several areas of the Central federal district. They had a branched out client network. Depending on the size of each concrete sum obnalshchiki took from clients from 3 % to 5 % for the services. We will notice that figurants of business actively used the electronic form of remittances of Mail of Russia in the scheme.

the information Collected by field investigators GUEBiPKa has laid down in a basis of the criminal case raised by investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on December, 22nd of last year. This very day two assumed participants of underground bank grouping - 28 - summer Alexey Suvorov and it 22 - the summer brother Alexander, living on Mjagkovsky parkway of Moscow have been detained. Then field investigators have detained several more bankers . At offices searches in which course originals of constituent documents more than 300 false firms, according to the investigation, have been withdrawn have been spent.

the help scheme wishing to leave from the taxation was quite traditional. The client named the sum which wanted to cash then transferred it into account firms - a something ephemeral ostensibly for certain services (actually they did not appear). Then this money was again translated on similar false firm from which account by postal orders were listed to the representative of the client in any branch of Mail of Russia. There the intermediary received money and brought to their customer by the armour collector car. On the average for a year thus the underground bank processed to 100 mlrd rbl. of the customers, having received, under the version of the investigation, for 2007 - 2011 more than 157 million rbl.

have been brought to all arrested persons With the beginning of January accusation in illegal bank activity (ch. 2 items 172 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), but thanks to recent liberalisation economic articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation as a preventive punishment it had been selected a subscription about nevyezde.

representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs addressed in Mail of Russia for the information connected with remittances of some the private companies to physical persons. All necessary materials have been given them with observance of requirements of the legislation, - have informed in a press - service of Mail of Russia. - at the same time the specified information and was transferred earlier by the federal post operator when due hereunder in corresponding state structures, as has served revealing and suppression of possible illegal activity in financial sphere .