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the Organizer of the auctions - Noncommercial partnership Guild of arbitration managing directors of the Lipetsk region (an INN 4824031639, OGRN 1044800185869) the address: 398001, Lipetsk, street Soviet, p. 64, office 311, el. Mail: arbitr. gild@gmail. com bodies: 8(4742) 74 - 68 - 38) informs that the auctions on property sale Open Company Nikolsky 2 (an INN 4816011893, OGRN 1104816000343 a uniform prize , located to the address: the Lipetsk region, Usmansky area, with. Nikolsky, street Soviet, d. 71) 29. 12. 2011 - are recognised by not taken place as to participation in the auctions one participant is admitted only. On the basis of item 17 of item 110 FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) the contract of purchase and sale from 29. 12. It is concluded with the unique participant of Open Company " 2011; Lipetsk - Invest (OGRN 1114823011302, an INN 482508084908, the address: 398020, Lipetsk, Korolenko, d. 1). The price of sale 33 810 422,00 (thirty three million eight hundred ten thousand four hundred twenty two) rouble.

Open Company Lipetsk - Invest is not the interested person in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director. Competitive operating Nosikov Gennady Vladimirovich, a member of Noncommercial partnership the Self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors of the Central federal district does not participate in Open Company capital Lipetsk - Invest .