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the Organizer of the auctions - the specialised organisation of Open Company the Management company Kanopus an alpha of Kiel (OGRN: 1047796357080, 105082, Moscow, and/ 19) informs that on January, 16th, 2012 to the address: Moscow, street Electrofactory d. 24, of. 307 the auctions on means of the public offer, on property sale Open Company " begin; VestMarket (an INN 7453104314, OGRN 1037403892591, 454091, the city of Chelyabinsk, Lenin`s prospectus, the house 78 - 1). Demands are accepted with 23 2012 on February, 29th, 2012 to the address: Moscow, street Electrofactory, d. 24, of. 307, the mailing address: 105082, Moscow, and/ I 19. Reduction of price of sale of property of the debtor on 25 % occurs daily from the date of the announcement publication. The winner of the auctions on sale of property of the debtor by means of the public offer the participant of the auctions who has presented the first when due hereunder the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of property of the debtor, which not below the initial price of sale of property of the debtor, established for the certain period of tendering admits. The information on an order of giving of offers and applied documents and as about imprisonment terms of contracts and payments it is published in the newspaper 169 from 10. 09. 2011, on p. 31, the announcement 77030279751 .