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Open Company “ Avant-guard “ (the Organizer of the auctions) 07. 03. 2012 in 11. 00 holds the auctions in the form of opened on structure of participants of auction with the closed form of giving of offers on the price on an electronic platform http:// www. electro - torgi. ru/ (further EP) on sale of a complex of property located to the address: Smolensk region, Jartsevo, Soviet, d. 4, belonging Open Society “ the Jartsevsky bread-baking complex “ , in structure a prize : Buildings - in number of 12 units, the Construction - in number of 11 units, the Car, the equipment - in number of 35 pieces (the property Underground group is published on EP). The initial price 12 950 300 rbl. For participation are necessary to make an application and pay the deposit of 20 % from the initial price for the account of the Organizer of the auctions: an INN/ a check point 6730066936/ 673001001, r/ about 40702810500048310466 Joint-Stock Companies MKB “ moskomprivatbank “ Moscow. To familiarise (tax) with the demand form (to documents applied on it and requirements to their registration), conditions of contracts (project) about the deposit and purchase and sale, order of acquaintance with property, it is possible on EP and to the address: Smolensk, Krasninsky highway, d. 6ม, a ground floor (5 of.) with 30. 01. 2012 on 05. 03. 2012 with 9. 00 to 13. 00. The winner of auction the participant who has offered the greatest price is considered. Results of auction are made out in day of its carrying out, the report on results which is the document certifying the right to the conclusion within 5 days of the contract of purchase and sale. Payment - within 30 days after contract signing on r/ account น40702810500000002555 in KB Open Company “ Smolensk bank “. Ph. (8 - 4812) 38 - 13 - 28.