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the Organizer of the auctions - Competitive managing director Gerasims Peter Pavlovich (655009, Abakan, street Stofato, 10 - 19, t. 89050860108, a fax 83902342491, gerasimov_p@rambler. ru) informs on tendering on property sale Joint-Stock Company Arshanovsky on an electronic platform of Open Society the realisation Center (an INN 7704223493, OGRN 1027700050663) - (further the Operator) Web: http:// www/ centerr. ru/

the Subject of the auctions in the form of auction with the open form of offers on the price is the property and property rights: Joint-Stock Company Arshanovsky in cost 17 661 700 rbl. taking into account the VAT.

a step of the auctions - %5 from cost. The beginning of the auctions 09 - 00 (time Moscow) 24. 02. 2012 For participation in the auctions it is necessary pay the deposit at a rate of 10 % from the initial price should to be brought on Joint-Stock Company settlement account Arshanovsky an INN 1904000285, a check point 190401001, Open Company Khakass municipal bank Abakan, street Khakass, 73, r/ with 40702810200010154432, to/ with 30101810900000000745, BIK 049514745. For participation in the auctions it is necessary to be registered on an electronic trading platform of the operator, to pay the deposit, to make an application. Application forms for participation in togas move to the operator of an electronic trading platform by sending of electronic messages through the specified site. Demands acceptance term (time Moscow) with 09 - 00. 14. 01. 2012 on 09 - 00. 20. 02. 2012 the Documents applied on the demand: the payment document on deposit transfer; an extract from EGRJUL or a notarial copy (for legal bodies), an extract from EGRIP or a notarial copy (for IP), the documents confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant; data on presence or absence of interest of the Applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director and about character of this interest. To familiarise with the documentation, the contract draught on the deposit, the purchase and sale contract draught, to make an application on participation in the auctions it is possible before the termination of term of demands acceptance at the Operator, the Winner the participant who has offered the greatest price for a prize with whom in day of the auctions the report on leading of results of the auctions subscribes admits. The purchase and sale contract consists with the winner of the auctions not later than 5 days from the date of summarising, the auctions. Payment is made within 30 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale.