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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company “ Siberia “ (an INN 4205126971, OGRN 1074205007018, 650992, Kemerovo, street Miner 5 - 5) - informs on carrying out of the open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property of the debtor Open Company “ novokuznetskmetallurgmontazh “ (Novokuznetsk, street Motor transportation, 29ΰ, OGRN 1054218001276, the INN 4218026999) On the auctions is exposed the Prize Ή1 : 100 % a package of ordinary nominal paperless actions of Open Society “ novokuznetskmetallurgmontazh “ in number of 24158495 pieces a face-value 1 rbl. everyone, gos. Ή release 1 - 01 - 13017 - K.Torgi will take place 06. 03. 2012 in 09. 00, summarising of the auctions will take place 06. 03. 2012 14. 00 (everywhere under the text of the announcement time Moscow) on an electronic platform of Open Company “ Auctions of Siberia “ to the address in a network “ the Internet “: http:// ausib. ru. Demands acceptance in el. Kind on participation in the auctions it is carried out to ύλ address. Platforms: http:// ausib. ru with 00. 00 ch. 23. 01. 12 to 17. 00 ch. 29. 02. 12 in a mode of daily round-the-clock work, for iskl. Time of carrying out of preventive works. The form of giving of offers on the price - opened. Initial cost of a prize Ή1 - 15 550 000 rbl. the Step of the auctions - 5 % from the initial price. For participation in the auctions it is necessary: in the specified term to make an application, conclude the contract on the deposit, to bring the deposit at a rate of 10 % from the initial price on r/ the account of the organizer of the auctions Ή40702810700530004940 Open Societies “ Bank of Moscow “ Kemerovo fil - l, an INN 7702000406, a check point 420502001, BIK 043207743, barks./ sch. Ή30101810700000000743 and also to give following documents and the data assured by the electronic digital signature: valid for day of representation of the demand an extract from EGRJUL (for jur. Persons), from EGRIP (for IP) or their notarially testified copies, a copy of the decision on approval or fulfilment of the large transaction; a copy of the document proving the identity (for fiz. Persons); the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant; prize number; the name, organizational - the legal form, the location, the mailing address of the applicant; FIO, passport data, data on a residence (fiz. Persons) the applicant; Ή phone, e - a mail; data on presence or on absence of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the arbitration managing director and about character of this interest; data on participation in the capital of the applicant of the arbitration managing director, and also data on the applicant, SRO arbitration managing directors, a member or which head is the arbitration managing director; the obligation of the participant of the open auctions to observe the requirements specified in the message on carrying out of the open auctions. The demand moves in electronic form to the operator el. Platforms. The winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price admits. The decision of the organizer on definition of the winner is made out by the report on results of tendering. The contract of purchase and sale with the winner consists in 5 - dnevnyj term from the date of signing of the report on results. The buyer is obliged to pay property within 30 days from the date of contract signing. To familiarise with tendering order, the information on property, forms of documents and etc. it is possible to the address in a network “ the Internet “: http:// ausib. ru, and also to the address of the organizer of the auctions in the working days preliminary having called on bodies. (3842 750596, Kemerovo, street Miner, 5 - 5.