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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Society Trust Uralorgtranstehstroj Matin Vitaly Sergeevich (ph. 89028062830, (342) 201 - 73 - 55; Perm, street Turgeneva, 33, p. 1, of. 310, RIF - 67@mail. ru) - informs on tendering in the form of auction with the closed form of representation of offers on the property price, nach. The price is lowered on 10 % (without the VAT - 18 %): the Prize 12 . Actions nominal ordinary Open Societies Corporation the Transsystem 3416 pieces - 146321,18 rbl. the Deposit - 5 % nach. The prices - it is listed to the organizer of the auctions not later than an expiry date of demands acceptance on the basis of the contract on the deposit: r/ with 40802810645100000018 in TO Motor-Vilihinsky branch Perm Open Society special design bureau - bank to/ with 30101810800000000871, BIK 045773871. The auctions are spent on an electronic platform the Auction tender centre www. atctrade. ru. Demands acceptance for participation in the auctions and offers on the price of prizes in the working days with 23. 01. 2012 on 28. 02. 2012 with 08 to 12 ch., leading of results of the auctions 07. 03. 2012 in 9 ch. Time Moscow, the conclusion of the contract on the deposit, acquaintance with the purchase and sale contract draught, carrying out and summarising of the auctions is carried out on an electronic platform www. atctrade. ru. Acquaintance with property also is carried out in a place of its finding under the arrangement with the organizer of the auctions. The decision on definition of the winner is accepted in day of leading of results of the auctions. The winner - the participant who has offered the highest price. Term of signing of the contract of purchase and sale of 5 days from the date of reception by the winner of the auctions of the offer on the contract conclusion. Payment term - 5 days from the moment of the contract conclusion. To participation the applicants presented the application forms for participation in the auctions and applied on them documents are supposed. The demand should contain the obligation of the participant of the auctions to observe the requirements specified in the message on tendering; the name, the organizational form, the location, mails. The address (for jur. Persons); FIO, passport data, data on a residence (for fiz. Persons); number of bodies., the e-mail address, an INN; data on presence (absence) and character of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, competitive upr. On the demand are applied: valid for day of representation of the demand extract EGRJUL (for jur. Persons) or EGRIP (for IP), or notarially the certified copy; copies of the documents proving the identity (for fiz. Persons); a copy of the document confirming powers of the representative of the applicant; properly certified transfer on rus. Language of documents about gos. Registration jur. Persons or gos. Registration fiz. Persons as IP according to the legislation sootvet - go the states (for inostran. Persons); Copy of the decision on approval or about fulfilment of the large transaction if the requirement about necessity of its presence is established by the legislation and (or) constituent documents jur. Persons and if for the participant of the auctions acquisition of property or deposit entering are the large transaction. The demand and applied documents are represented in the form of the electronic documents signed ETSP of the applicant. The decision on the admission of applicants to participation is accepted by results of consideration of demands and is made out by the report on definition of participants of the auctions.