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A.Arshavin: We can lose to nobody

One of the leader of attacks of Russian national team   in a starting duel of a qualifying tournament of the World championship of 2010   from a national team of the Wales, becomes attacking Petersburg Zenith Andrey Arshavin. Recently round its figure the set of hearings and the gossips connected as with its possible   went; moving to other championship, and with, whether the football player after launch for Euro can - 2008 to continue to show game of a world class as a part of a national team.
against conversation   Andrey Arshavin had no objections. But conversation, nevertheless, was gave very difficult: the mood of the interlocutor was where - that around absolute zero. The forward of the Russian national team has warned at once: about the transfer history will not speak. In - the first because it has ended, and in - the second, anything new to add he is simple cannot. However not it was a primary factor as it seemed: obviously, Arshavinu is simple - naprosto hard to remember events of last two months.

- fans of our national team the question very interests: with what mood you have arrived on present gathering?
- Can transfer to them: with the working.

- that is everything, what occurred last two months, here, in a national team arrangement, is forgotten?
- I Try, that it was valid so.

- To the past we have agreed not to come back, means, we will talk about the future. In your history like the dots are put. Whether there is at you any belief what the transition, not gone right in the summer, can take place in the winter?
- Now about it to speak difficultly. And what I can tell to you about it? Till the winter still it is necessary to live.

- In a press there was an information that if you remain in Zenith on more favourable conditions. Signing of the new contract is not planned?
- No discussions with club in this respect existing.

- your family took hard an event?
- Certainly and how could be differently?

- Who except a family helped you to worry these uneasy days?
- At me such sensation that the people who were standing up for my transition, it was possible to count almost on fingers of one hand. The overwhelming majority wished, that I remained in Zenith .

- you mean the nearest environment?
- Is not present, I speak about all who anyhow expressed about it. Thus I condemn nobody, as I respect any opinion. If people do not want, that I left, their this right.

- In relations with partners on command something has changed?
- Yes which - that, but in details I do not want to press, and what for to take out any personal relations on public?

- now after the history with transition is closed or at least it is postponed for some months, can concentrate completely on football?
- very much I want and I will try to make it. But for achievement of such purpose it is necessary to turn the head.

- the supercup has helped to improve mood or what have let out you only on replacement, only has aggravated it?
- Has helped, certainly. A victory, followed then celebrating, and comprehension of that has stuck one more title, in itself events very positive.

- but fundamental change to bring, how I understand, it all - taki could not?
- to dismiss all thoughts oppressing me, it is necessary to concentrate completely on football and to receive from it pleasure.

- as it seemed to you, Manchester United was in Monaco in fighting mood?
- Yes. They normally played football, but we have won.

- at the expense of what?
- At the expense of character because our players changed contenders in separate episodes, competently defended, did not allow to the opponent to be dispersed.

- this victory will help before start with League of champions?
- it is natural - any such victory gradually changes our mentality to the best. We get rid of fear somebody.

- whether it is possible to tell today already that mentality Zenith allows to struggle as equals about a top - clubs of Europe?
- Now at us in a command and club such euphoria that seems, we in general can lose to nobody. But even if to fall from heavens on the earth, it is possible to ascertain: in separate games Zenith it is capable to become successful with any opponent. For this purpose, truth, it is necessary to be ready for hundred percent and to show the best football. On a long distance, unfortunately, absolute readiness cannot be kept, therefore here our chances are worse. But in one separately taken match we can beat any.

- It turns out, in present Zenith which is competitive and on the European arena, to play much more interesting, than earlier?
- certainly.

- As it is possible to characterise a lot of League of champions for Zenith ? It first of all is severe? Or, maybe, it is very interesting?
- It is really interesting. As to severity - and that you wanted? From first two baskets two anyhow should get to us very much strong teams. For me it is better that we play with Real instead of with Barcelona . Yes, madridtsam it is possible to lose, but you will play thus and itself. On Nou Kamp as be puffed up, how many sweat and blood spill, all the same three you will receive. And Juventus or, let us assume, Inter is already to whom as it is pleasant more. In my opinion, differences any.

- and what will tell concerning the fourth contender - BATE?
It is amusing. Why - that before a toss-up the majority of players Zenith wanted in contenders BATE. And not because Byelorussians are weak. It would be desirable to look that this such - League of champions in application to a command from Borisov. Sounds as - that is fresh, do not find? Though, do not win anything Zenith This year, it would be perceived in League in the similar image.

- but Byelorussians, most likely, will give to three leaders of group all points. It is good or it is better, when all can select points at all?
- the second variant is better, of course. But I think that you early bury the Belarus club. There is at me such sensation that houses they can spoil to someone blood.

- the national team begins a new selection cycle. The mood before it differs what was, say, two years ago before game with Croatia?
- Yes. Then in us Guus, and now trusted only and ourselves in ourselves trust.

- last companionable match with Holland in this belief has added something?
- Probably. Not be Euro, we would be pumped up by all associates that in a match with the grandee it is necessary to prove to be. Now to prove anything and it was necessary to nobody - we left to play football. Have drawn, the normal result which at once have forgotten - a match - that was companionable. The only thing that on - to the present has upset in that match, - small quantity of fans. For me it is surprising: when your command meets such strong contender, unless it not an occasion to go on stadium?

- sensations from this game were similar what you tested in a match with the same contender in Basel?
- the Surroundings and the importance of game were, of course, absolutely different. And from football as it seemed to me, and we, and Dutches took pleasure.

- in our selection group rigid struggle for the first place with Germany that means categorical impossibility of points losses in games with other contenders is necessary. It is good?
- Unfortunately, and can, and fortunately, a similar deal in our group, I think, will not be. And we, and Germans will lose points, and modular Finland and the Wales so simply will not surrender, especially on the home field.

- those circumstances what accompanied games with this command in 2003 will affect a match with the Wales as - that?
- I do not think. At us in a command also remains - that only three - four persons participating in those matches. I here have remembered those events and have asked Semshova, whether he played then. It has appeared - is not present. And in the Wales the command has exchanged. That already an old story.

- before a toss-up of final stage Euro you said to me that would wish to receive in opponents Germany. There did not leave, but now you with Germans will play. Are happy?
- Basically yes. At any toss-up we at group should have someone from the strong. Germany - means, Germany.

- and to the statement of Linekera what in football everything play, and Germans how concern win?
- Such loop behind them really lasts. Probably, they deserve it stable hit in prize-winners of the largest forums.

- that is more difficult - to leave from the first place in group with one powerful competitor or from the second at presence in contenders of two?
It is equally uneasy.

- and you as - that discussed with it the situation?
- He was interested, whether I want to leave. But, as you could be convinced, my opinion in this history solving was not.
most likely, Guus Hiddink will let out Arshavina on a match with the Wales   in a Russian national team starting lineup. What would not be a problem at attacking in Zenith The national team it not club, here will reproach nobody with its desire to leave to play the strong European championship. More likely, here he can have a rest from psychological loading of last time that can affect its game rather positively.
considering how much Hiddink trusted Arshavinu in the European championship if took it in structure, despite not ended disqualification it is necessary to count on that, as now the forward   and now   has not lost the positions before the instructor of a national team.
on the other hand, objectively looking at a situation, it is possible to consider that will stake on one Arshavina rather imprudently. And suddenly the player nevertheless cannot play the force from - for the pulled hard disorders? I think that such wise trainer as the Dutch, perfectly understands   such variant of a course of events. And though objectively modular with Arshavinym and without it it is a little different commands, but for system of game of Hiddink would be more correct to divide game loading between the forward Zenith and someone another who is in a more psychologically quiet situation that is quite possible, the helmsman of Russians and will make.
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