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S.Semak: pogrebnjak - the best attacking Russian national team

In career   the present captain of Russian national team on football   Sergey Semak   since the European championship of 2008 which passed in Austria and Switzerland, the new stage has come. As though the instructor of Russians Guus Hiddink instal in the player the new forces which have allowed the halfback to become not only the leader of a national team could, but also adequately to answer all critics declaring that career   havbeka the Ruby   already comes to an end.
before start in a qualifying tournament of the World championship of 2010 which will take place in the republic of South Africa, the captain of Russian national team Semak has told about preparation of a national team for a meeting with the Wales and has shared opinion on Pavel Pogrebnjaka`s returning in national team structure.
- it is difficult to be reconstructed from champion race in national superiority on games in a national team?
- Is not present, games in the championship is one, and games for national commands another. To adjust in addition in a national team it is necessary nobody, no less than to explain, game with the Wales, and all the others is how much important. Yes, behind the most part of the championship of Russia, many had a dense tournament schedule, trainings regenerative, rather than loading character therefore are now spent.
- Pavel Pogrebnjak has returned to a national team.
- Yes, and it is very good. I consider that it the best our attacking. Unfortunately, Pavel could not play in the European championship. But it is assured, in the nearest matches it will show, on what is capable and will please also us, and fans. With its returning in a national team, our attack becomes more various
- Prepare for contenders any surprises?
- Is not present, I think, it is necessary to play the game. After the European championship it is necessary to prove that Russian national team can play and show result in each match. Though it will be hard.
if to consider game model of a command of Hiddink on a match with the Wales should be expected Semak`s occurrences in to a basis . On last duels of a command clearly that the halfback became one of key figures in the field as a part of Russians. Besides, it is not necessary to forget that Semak it also harizmaticheky the leader, capable to get partners in a course of a match and to take responsibility on itself in a difficult situation.
on the other hand after the European championship at many players there has come some game recession which has not avoided also Semak. Nevertheless, in a national team the halfback, frequently, shows game by level above, than in the national championship. That will understand what to represent and havbek the Ruby and all national team entirely it is necessary to wait more very few. Already on September, 10th we will have answers to these and other questions, because this day Russian national team at stadium the Locomotive will meet a command of the Wales. The match beginning at 19:00 Moscow time.
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