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Europe starts to struggle for permits on CHM

Angelina Hazan
Undoubtedly, the World championship on football - the most important football competition on a planet. Time in four years Mundial forces to cling to screens of TVs of fans of football on all continents. But to act on this festival of world football, as it is known, it is necessary to pass through fire, water and copper pipes, namely - a selection stage.
I will remind that selection competitions are spent zonalno on regions FIFA: separately in Africa, Asia, the South America, Ocenia, Europe and the North America. In each zone groups matches in which are spent to two circles are formed. In the European zone of a command are divided into nine groups. Winners of groups will automatically receive permits in a final stage, and eight best teams from among taken the second places will lead butt matches. Matematicheski all is easy: 13 European commands will go to defend honour of the countries in final part CHM - 2010 which will take place from June, 11th till July, 11th 2010 in Southern Africa.
while still ahead - in selection on CHM - 2010 one official game is played only. On August, 20th there was Kazakhstan and Andorra (Kazakhs have easily won 3 - 0). Right now, on the threshold of start of a selection cycle (it will begin on September, 6th) when last companionable matches are led and rating FIFA is updated, it is necessary to analyse chances of commands of an exit in a final stage in the republic of South Africa.
A.Portugalija`s group, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Albania, Malta
Group death in any way it is impossible to name meeting of these six commands. Here there is also an obvious favourite (Portugal), and the obvious applicant for hit in a stage of butt duels (Sweden), and the obvious outsider (Malta). But all assumptions on the basis of rating places of commands and traditional representations about the one who in football the grandee, as it is known, can fail during the moment efforts of any command - a surprise. But while in this that group does not see. August companionable matches new have not presented anything: Portugal, what for - that chosen to itself in contenders Faeroes, has beaten a command of laymans with account 5 not demanding comments - 0. Sweden has checked up the forces on Frenchmen, and forces it has appeared not enough for game with football stars (Swedes have lost 2 - 3), but there is quite enough for matches with representatives of the same Malta. As a whole games of other commands of group Instead of have presented sensational results. To prevent the Portuguese wards Kejrusha win the first place in group, perhaps, can or motivirovannye Swedes, or the Portuguese football players known for loss of concentration in matches with obviously less strong contenders.
V.Gretsija`s Group, Israel, Switzerland, Moldova, Latvia, Luxembourg
the Situation in this group accurately characterises a rating of national teams FIFA. Above all from group In in it stand Greece and adjoining with it in a rating Israel (18 and 19 places accordingly). Further there is Switzerland (43 place) and Moldova (48 place). Luxembourg and Latvia FIFA estimates much more low. The most interesting fights expect us, apparently, between Greeks and Israelis. An internal meeting of the commands preferring under colour of flags it is white - the dark blue form, can become solving in definition of the winner of group V.Odnako in struggle for the permit on CHM - 2010 can enter and Switzerland encouraged by last game with Portugueses for Euro - 2008 and a companionable match with Cypriotes (a victory of Swisses 4 - 1). From this point of view it will be interesting to observe a match on September, 6th between Israel and Switzerland which can clear a situation concerning true alignment of forces in group of Century
S.Chehija`s Group, Poland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Dignity - Marino
This group can become a field for the most fascinating struggle for an exit from group. The group With can be christened with ease slavic derbi with the Irish shade as favourites here are these four commands: Czech Republic national teams, Poland and Slovakia and players of modular Northern Ireland. The indisputable applicant for a gain of the first place in group all Czechia sees. And quite obosnovanno: 8 place of Czechia in rating FIFA, fierce fight with the Englishmen, crowned compromise 2 - 2, traditionally strong selection of players and, at last, supermotivation (Czechs cannot prove on the most serious world championships of last years in any way - CHE and CHM) - all it on the party of Czechia. But contenders of Czechs on group too represent powerful collectives. It is difficult to speak about Poland national team unequivocally: This command is traditionally estimated as strong serednjak, capable to give surprises and to pull out victories. But recently at Poles an unsuccessful series proceeds. Here and they have conceded in a companionable match to Ukrainians with the minimum account. A national team of Slovakia notorious to Russians the obstinacy (we remember selection on CHM - 2006). Northern Ireland, as always, is mysterious unpredictability of the game: since 1986 Irish do not get to final stage CHM, and for Euro still never passed, though were this time very close to the purpose (have taken the third place in group at quite qualitative game). This national team can become selection opening on CHM - 2010. And at last about cathedral Slovenia: this command is not considered the favourite, but a recent match against Croats has played extremely well, having conceded to a team of Bilicha in one ball (2 - 3). Group With intense struggle for a place on Mundiale expects.
Group D. Germany, Russia, Finland, the Wales, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein
This group, certainly, is most interesting to the Russian fan. Also that is especially pleasant - we at last - that objectively in favourites. On a level with Germany. The Russian national team which has revealed as Russian nested doll for Euro - 2008, marvellously to foreign experts has entered at once into a camp strong football this world that rating FIFA (at us 12 - e reflects a place). Certainly, Germans above (at them the third line), but from members of group D on heels bundeskomande we come only. Who will go to the republic of South Africa and from what place in group? It would be desirable, that this question was confidently answered with our national team. An internal meeting of Russians and Germans any more behind mountains. And it will define much. But it is not necessary to forget about other contenders. And if national teams of Azerbaijan and Liechtenstein do not seem a serious obstacle with vallijtsami and Finns it is necessary to be overcome. Finland and the Wales by estimations FIFA settle down on 42 and 53 places accordingly that is not too bad. These tenacious, persistent commands can deliver efforts as to us, and to Germans, therefore on matches with these national teams it is necessary to be adjusted very seriously. How Russian national team on the threshold of a debut match with the Wales in Moscow is adjusted on September, 10th now.
group E. Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Estonia
only one Here is clear: the basic struggle will develop between three commands. Spain, Turkey and Belgium - here the main contenders for permits on CHM. And if the Spaniards recently crowned by champions of Europe, according to the logic of things are simply obliged to leave group, and, predictably, from the first line concerning Turkey and Belgium not all so is predicted. Turks lean against trainer Fatiha Terima who blinding a command and has transformed a national team in one of most dangerous on continent (to what 10 place according to FIFA testifies). Uncompromising, charged on struggle, Turks have shown the better qualities for Euro - 2008 in games both with Croats, and with Germans. Belgium too a command not the weak. red devils - not from among grandees of world football but afflict with an unexpected outcome of a match to own advantage can everybody (by the way, Russian national team it was convinced of it on already far CHM - 2002). Three commands will seriously be overcome for two places. Who remains behind a board, will show time.
group F. Croatia, England, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Andorra
Group F, as well as group C, will soon be shaken with very loud football fights. Still couple of years back a signboard Croatia - England would not seem so intriguing what it became now. Memoirs on that defeat of Englishmen on " are still fresh; Wembley memoirs which so heat to us a soul! And again Croats against Englishmen. Pushkin with unforgettable " is remembered; They have converged. A wave and a stone, verses and prose, ice and plamen... . Revanchist moods of Englishmen and desire of Croats to prove, what that victory was not casual - that will overcome? But group F is interesting also by other commands, other opposition which, by the way, will take place on September, 6th. Ukraine will play against Belarus. Neighbours, slav brothers... Now not to these reminiscences. Ukrainians as always are ambitious, especially considering their achievements on previous CHM. Byelorussians only type the form and weight in football community to that promotes, by the way, and game Belarus BATE at club level. In general, in this group one obvious outsider - Andorra is clear only.
group G. France, Romania, Serbia, Lithuania, Austria, Faeroes
Again have converged in one group France and Romania, not clearest and ordinary-looking commands of past CHE - 2008. But the companionable match of Frenchmen against Swedes (3 - 2 in favour of France) has proved that players oklemalis from euro - slaps in the face and are ready to prove the status again. Romanians too still will prove to be in this selection cycle, considering a high place in rating FIFA - 13 - e. Who can enter struggle for the top lines in group? Serbs and even the Austrians who, despite losses at a stage of a group stage of Euro - 2008, are very inspired not only the past superiority of continent, but also a sensational drawn game with Italians in a companionable match can undertake attempts, perhaps. However Romanians and Frenchmen, under condition of game in other football, rather than in the European championship, have practically staked out behind themselves the right to go to the republic of South Africa.
group H. Italy, Bulgaria, Ireland, Cyprus, Georgia, Montenegro
In this group not all so is clear. Certainly, traditional favourite - Italy. Objectively lose it can at present, perhaps, only Bulgaria or Ireland as other competitors in group all - taki are rather weak. Bulgarians, by the way, not the beginner on CHM. In 1994 the national team of Bulgaria has reached in the World championship already a semi-final, having lost there to Italians. However, after that triumph Bulgarians have left from a world football scene. Command recession has turned out too long, and this selection can interrupt it. A trump of modular Bulgaria are two main stars of a command, Dimitar Berbatov and Martin Petrov, the playing England. To prevent Bulgaria and Italy the national team of Ireland can, whose football players act in English and Scottish leagues, and are there far not on last roles. As a result, despite the second place in rating FIFA, Italy unsuccessfully acting last months, it is necessary to be overcome seriously with national teams of Bulgaria and Ireland.
group I. The Netherlands, Scotland, Norway, Macedonia, Iceland
that the basic struggle will pass in group between Dutches and Scots in anybody does not cause doubts. The Netherlands perfectly looked for Euro - 2008 to a meeting with Russians and even was considered as favourites of that superiority. Scots too traditionally write down in strong contenders. British are quoted in world football. FIFA estimates their national team very highly - 16 place in a rating. This line above, than, for example, at Greeks, Swedes and Nigerians. The situation in this group reminds conditions in group D, native for Russians. There are two obvious favourites and some strong competitors on whom it is possible to stumble and lose treasured points. In group of I such a solid team Norway is. Therefore game of Scots and Dutches with Scandinavians in many respects will define definitive results in group.
on September, 6th - a starting point. The first matches and the first winners. But a distance long. And who will pass it with the lifted head, finishing with the ticket in the republic of South Africa, will show time.