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G.Hiddink: the National team will be rescued by a fast goal

On the threshold of a match with Liechtenstein the head coach of Russian national team Guus Hiddink has given interview.
- perhaps, for the first time for long time round a command many conversations on that theme went that preparation for elimination matches passes against negative emotions. At someone from football players affairs in clubs are not glued, others have arrived with traumas. How you left a situation?
- I if it is fair, have not noticed any negative. Probably, because in general I go on life with optimism, trying to think only of the good. The trainer`s trade is inconceivable without any problems, and my problem consists in overcoming them. Besides it is represented to me that football players enter the most interesting stage of a season and consequently should be adjusted on a major harmony. Decisive matches of a selection cycle, and " are coming a national team; the Ruby And CSKA very soon will play in League of champions. Unless it not a holiday?!
however to say that at all of us remarkably, unfortunately, is impossible. That happens with the Russian clubs in League of Europe, for me became the extremely unpleasant surprise. I even could not assume that anybody from them will not reach a group stage! Contenders at representatives of Russia, you see, were not the strongest. That is why I was comprehended by the strongest disappointment.
- in what, on - to yours, the failure reason?
- I did not see all matches that is why I will not begin to state an estimation to performances of this or that club. I want to notice only that all event - an occasion to reflect on the future.
- agree, what level of the Russian superiority is a little overestimated?
- It is necessary to face the truth. The championship in Russia good, but to leading European powers while nedotjagivaet. And in this direction it is necessary to work seriously. As in the country it is a lot of interesting commands. Last Sunday, for example, I have visited on game Spartaka with the Ruby . Excellent the match has turned out! And spartakovtsy, despite a great defeat, it were pleasant to me. At them a young team with the big prospect. a ruby looked very solidly.
but the main thing, a meeting passed in high rate. Unfortunately, in Russian the prime minister - league so plays no means always, and it is necessary to reflect on it. The majority of matches of the internal championship passes on insufficiently high speeds, and it invariably affects, when commands leave on international scene. I believe, unavailability operating with full return throughout 90 minutes, and became one of the main reasons of failures in League of Europe. Very much I hope that performances in League of champions will bring to the Russian fans much more positive emotions.
- whether it is possible, considering results of a toss-up of group tournament of League?
- I mean not so much concrete result, how many game level. It is necessary to try to operate always on a limit of possibilities, to correspond to the highest level of League of champions. And the company, you are right, at the same the Ruby has stolen up more than serious. Barcelona and Inter now look commands from other world. About the Catalans who have collected set of trophies, something new to tell difficult. And Inter seemingly, in the brilliant form.
I saw, how last week this command has won Milan derbi, having the unconditional superiority over the opponent. Football performed by Intera has made very strong impression. Here it - an example for imitation! Players struggled, without feeling sorry for itself, from the first and until the last minute, their eyes burnt with the desire to win by all means. Only so those who wants to achieve on - to the present of serious successes play. Only so!
- Very few people believes that the Ruby in the group it is capable to rise above the third place.
- it is necessary to Citizens of Kazan very hardly as they act in the rank of debutants. Here it is difficult to predict something. It is necessary, that football players and trainers the Ruby believed that can surprise Europe. And that after each match could tell to itself: we have made everything that was in our forces.
- and how regard chances of CSKA?
- soldiers have a possibility to make the way in plej - off. Group at them, of course, uneasy, but all of us we know, what football is capable to show CSKA in the best condition. Manchester United certainly, looks the favourite though, in my opinion, now this club not so is strong, as in last season. Krishtianu Ronaldu and Teves have left, and after all they in many respects defined a play of the team in attack.
- that especially disturbs you before matches with Liechtenstein and the Wales?
- the Condition of some football players. Pavljuchenko from the season beginning almost did not play, Zhirkov has passed start English the prime minister - leagues from - for traumas. Damage which was received in a past week-end by Arshavin, too became not the most pleasant news. Us expect two very hard meetings and to become successful, it will be necessary for command to give all the best under the full program.
- before matches with contenders like Liechtenstein every time the fear of possible underestimation of the opponent pass an opinion. You have a confidence, what on Saturday Russian national team will win back on a limit of possibilities?
- I am absolutely convinced that contenders will show serious resistance. It is very far from thought that the national team of Liechtenstein has arrived to us on a visit only to present three points. It is very organised command, capable to punish for the slightest underestimation. Its players act in Germany and Switzerland that is why are accustomed to struggle and support high rate throughout all match. It considerably surpasses national teams of other small states in a class - the same Andorra which we met in a selection cycle of the past European championship. Liechtenstein is able to defend densely and is as required capable to organise fast counterattack.
- whether it is important to hammer for you in as much as possible goals? Or the victory with any account will arrange a trainer`s staff?
- I Hope, we will manage to score a so-called fast goal. If it will not turn out, it is necessary to keep calmness and to continue to force pressure upon another`s gate. If we will open the account already in a debut, we will try not to reduce turns to hammer still. Discipline and constant pressure on all field - here at the expense of what we can become successful.
- how intend to change game in attack, considering that in the field Petrovsky there can not be Arshavin?
- to Cry about it I do not gather - not in my rules. It is clear that we should do without the key football player. And certainly, I know, how we will leave a situation.
- about game with the Wales which will take place next Wednesday, you to speak on - former are not ready?
- Wait a little more. The most important game - that which is necessary. When we will play with Liechtenstein, I will be ready to discuss with you a duel in Cardiff. In the same way do not intend to communicate yet on a theme of an October meeting with German national team. Because at first it is necessary for us to type six points in September.
- as you regard chances of Zhirkova to make the way in the basic structure Chelsea ?
- In the best condition Yury is quite capable to leave in this command from first minutes. And then, the basic structure Chelsea - at all eleven football players. Them much more, considering that the command acts twice a week and leads matches of the so-called raised level.
in this connection would like to return to a theme which we have mentioned in the conversation beginning. When in Russia complain of the intense schedule of games, it would be desirable to ask: and how clubs of England, Spain, Germany? They - that weekly play on two matches, and to anybody even in a head does not come to speak about weariness. When similar conversations are constantly heard, it invariably influences mentality of football players. Though actually it simply excuses for those who wants though as - that to justify after failures.
- there is an opinion that to Biljaletdinovu which has got over in an Everton Power can not suffice to play in English the prime minister - league. What can tell about it?
- In my opinion, Bilja has considerably added recently in this component. Technical education at it at the highest level to think and quickly to make decisions on a football ground it is able. Everything that is necessary for it, - as soon as possible to adapt for new conditions. In Russia it seldom could operate constantly in the highest rhythm, and in England it is necessary. It seems to me, Bilja should consult. As an Everton at all does not profess primitive football by a principle beat - run . In a line-up there are well trained football players, capable to play to a combinational manner.
- that will tell about a situation in which there was Pavljuchenko?
- He should struggle for a place in the basic structure Tottenham . Pavlo have every chance to prove that he deserves to play constantly.
- Pogrebnjak from outside makes impression of the person rather happy with transition in Stuttgart .
- the Bundesliga - the serious championship. For new club Pogrebnjak acts constantly, the trainer trusts it. Besides recently Stuttgart has extracted the permit in group tournament of League of champions. Here to you of the reason, on which at our attacking fine mood.
- it is interesting to learn, how you have apprehended recent transition of Bystrova from Spartaka in Zenith ?
- I do not think that I should express on this theme. Such is the decision of the football player and to get into club affairs I do not see sense.
- the first match with himkami has shown that Bystrov, certainly, has strengthened game of Petersburgers. Whether it is possible to tell that your assistant Igor Korneyev, in combination - the sports director Zenith has done good work?
- it is a compliment to all club from St.-Petersburg More likely.
- Korneyev consults on you concerning the work in Zenith ?
- Is not present, such never was. But I am glad that Igor holds such post as it will positively affect its future. Soon in his life the new stage will begin, after all its contract from a national team will expire upon termination of CHM - 2010. Korneyev - the young and very interesting expert.
- at your contract period of validity just the same. Whether there is a probability of what you want it to prolong?
- I do not know that will be after the World championship. While we needed to spend four matches of a selection cycle. Or even six if Russian national team has to act in butt games. Very much I hope that we will go on final tournament to Southern Africa. About more long-term future it is not ready to speak yet.
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