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For Russia with all the heart!

Dmitry Losev
Russian national team without problems has won a team of Liechtenstein with the account 3:0 and has come nearer to occupying the first line in our selection group to Germans on distance of one point. In St.-Petersburg contrary to pessimistic forecasts worthy support and a command has been rendered our children has paid back the admirers with good game.
before a match with the outsider of group at number 4 our command two moments - traumas of Arshavina and Zhirkova, and as excited discontent of Petersburg fans to Bystrova. Fortunately, on a match of national teams any vypadok towards the jet halfback has not occurred. Well, and with replacements of the leaders Guus has disposed as follows: on the left flank of defence it has sent Dinijara Biljaletdinova, which last match for a national team has spent in the European championship in a semi-final with Spaniards. In front Zyryanov who was periodically displaced in the centre under jerks of Dinijara on brovke at the left played. The right flank was Petersburg: Anjukov - Bystrov. In the defence centre have played Vasily Berezutsky and Ignashevich, in half-backs - Denisov and Semak. The place in collars was habitually occupied with Akinfeev, and here in an attack Hiddink has exposed Pavljuchenko and Kerzhakova. In view of traumas in a stock everything have gone in practically, except the third goalkeeper Malafeeva and the halfback of CSKA of Dzagoeva. But there was a hope of a possible debut of Buharova or Rebko.
At Liechtenstein and at all from - for traumas hardly - players on replacement were hardly typed. And, among the spare there were no defenders. According to the head coach of the contender of Russian national team Hans - it was necessary to substitute Petera Tsaugga of professional football players in this game by fans. In general, hopes of a national team of Liechtenstein were stretched where - that in the field of the minimum defeat.
the beginnings our national team a match actively enough. The first dangerous moment has occurred on 4 - oh to minute when Kerzhakov has caught for an error of the goalkeeper of the contender and has given out a pass on Pavljuchenko, but the Novel has pleased not on a ball, and on goalkeeper Jele. If and Peter breaks, then in general for Liechtenstein this match can turn to a real nightmare. But is not present, the goalkeeper continues game and shortly makes class sejvy. At first it has coped with blow from limits of the penal area, and then has rescued after a powerful shot a head of Ignashevicha after draw angular. Probably, Sergey has nursed a grievance on lihtenshtejnskogo the goalkeeper that in due time that has beaten off a penalty in one of elimination matches. In the following dangerous situation the defender became the assistant, and zavershitelem attacks its partner in defence - Vasily Berezutsky. And, the central defender in an unusual manner - feet has hammered. In this situation Vasily looked as the real forward, and Sergey - as class plejmejker.
In end of the first half an hour of game again excellent chance appears at Ignashevicha, but after its heading the ball flies above. Well there is at our command a game by flanks. Bystrov manages on the right flank and hardly does not become the author of a goal pass, but partners could not realise Vladimir`s plan.
Zyryanov as tries to be active. With its participation passes many attacks, but end limps. And all - taki after Konstantin Denis`s transfer has rushed in penal where it have brought down also the judge has put on a point . Roman Pavluchenko has punched in the left corner - 2:0. After that Igor Deniss, unfortunately, earns a yellow card that will not allow it to play in an important match in Cardiff against the Wales. In the end of a time Russians manage some more good attacks. And if at first Zyryanov does not get to an empty gate corner then after contact to the player of the contender Kerzhakov falls. And not without the bases. Again a penalty and again Pavljuchenko. Blow in other corner - 3:0. These goals are very necessary to the novel, even from a penalty. After that it is possible to think of the one who can be let out in the second time. The variant with Buharovym, after all the account comfortable is quite possible, and to check up Alexander in business - why and is not present? As it was possible to let out and Rebko, for example, instead of Denisov. All the same that will not play in Cardiff. But Guus thinks differently. The most hardy player Konstantin Zyryanov is changed by the Dutch and lets out Semshova. Each other brothers Berezutsky A bit later change. Vasily leaves, and Alexey leaves. And all - taki is debuted as a part of a national team by Alexey Rebko.
it is valid, instead of Denisov. But except these three replacements while anything interesting in the field does not occur. Probably, football players all have told in the first time. Nevertheless, the goal has taken place. Bystrov also has hammered, but... ofsajd. Kerzhakov gave transfer from wrong Positions so it was not possible to Bystrovu to cause a stir on native arena. But have caused a stir fans. One of them has run out in the field and has run up to Roman Pavluchenko. Together they, having embraced, have walked from a midfield to brovki about something talking. All looked it with affection, and colour added tolstovka the fan with the following text: For Russia with all the heart . Semshov falls after contact with lihtenshtejntsem, but the judge this time is silent.
blow was, but is sick kartinno Igor fell. Three penalties - search. Though, Ukraine to so much Andorra has punched. Well, yes it is fine. The match comes to the end with the account 3:0, the instructor of visitors is very happy with result though at Akinfeeva of work was not at all. Nevertheless, the result on a board suited all. Game was pleasant also. Anyway, in the first time. In the second have easy brought matters to dry victories. Now all thoughts on Cardiff.
the World championship - 2010. Qualifying tournament. Group 4
Russia - Liechtenstein - 3:0 (3:0)
Goals :   V.Berezutsky, 17,   Pavljuchenko, 39   -   a penalty,   45 -   a penalty
Preventions :   Denisov, 41, Pavljuchenko, 48 - Burgmajer, 35, Fogt, 44
on September, 5th 2009. 19:00. St.-Petersburg. Stadium Petrovsky
Russia: Akinfeev, Anjukov, Ignashevich, V.Berezutsky (A.Berezutsky, 59), Denisov (Rebko, 69), Semak, Bystrov, Zyryanov (Semshov, 46), Biljaletdinov, Pavljuchenko, Kerzhakov
Liechtenstein : Jele, Shtoklaza, Fogt (Bjuhel, 82), Burgmajer, the Freak, Bek Thomas (Hasler, 57), Rittsberger, Eri, Bjuhel, Kristen (Bek Roger, 72), Rekstajner
the Judge : Augustus Konstantin (Romania)