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R.Shishkin: Our fans can count on a victory

Today the national team of Russia on football has spent final training within the limits of preparation for a match of selection round of the European championship - 2012 with a command of Ireland. After training the defender of Russian national team and Moscow the Locomotive the Novel Shishkin has answered questions of journalists among which there was also a correspondent - Sports .
- Any of commands the neutral result will not arrange. How it will affect game?
- This match is very important both for us, and for our contenders. And importance of a match is so great, what exactly this fact now costs on the first place. Irish will accept only a victory. It too is necessary to us. I think that if they will go forward we will have a possibility to catch them in the attacks.
- what installation to you is given by the trainer?
- As the victory is necessary to us not less, than to the contender, before us there are problems. Dik says that we should play the football.
- on what fans can hope tomorrow?
- Certainly, on a victory. We always play on a victory and only on a victory. And tomorrow we especially count on support of fans. On same as was in a match with Macedonia or even even better.
- whom can allocate in a command of Ireland?
- I cannot estimate all command but if to speak on my position Makgidi is strongly allocated. He can play on both flanks. Basically, it well-known on performance in our championship. He is the most dangerous player of a line of half-backs.