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In League of champions for Madrid Real the Russian

Russia in League of champions will play will be presented not only Spartakom and Zenith got to a group stage of tournament, not only Andrey Arshavinym declared the Arsenal but also the legionary representing, it is a little - much, Madrid Real . Denis Cheryshev, the well-known Russian attacking Dmitry Cherysheva`s son, have been included in the demand of club for the main European tournament.
all in the demand Real four forwards - besides Cherysheva, it is Krishtianu Ronaldu, Brown Benzema and Gonsalo Iguain. CHeryshev it is declared under 23 - m number. Abundantly clear that it will not be the basic forward of a command, but in last rounds, if Real by that moment will already solve an exit problem in plej - off, to Cheryshevu can quite give chance - why and is not present?
Cheryshev plays for Real For a long time, but it acted only for the second command of club. For Real B Denis has spent 72 matches and has hammered in 12 goals - not too impressing, but also not terribly low result for the forward.
in Russia the attacking plays for molodezhku - here productivity of Cherysheva already above, in eight matches it has hammered in four goals.
Vkljuchenie Cherysheva in the demand for League of champions, most likely, will force the whole world to look narrowly at the player more attentively - cases, when from the second command Real it was possible to players to make the way in the first directly, all - taki are rare enough. Usually talented young man madridtsy try to rent, that then to receive already ready grown up player. Till the present moment of a press gave to the Russian not enough attention, but, probably, Jose Mourinho has made out in it a talent spark.
has surprised and Barcelona - Eric Abidal, the football player has got to the command demand, last year transferred operation on a liver transplantation. While it is unevident that the Frenchman can continue career, but Barcelona has decided to include it in the demand in hope that if Abidal and cannot leave in the field then this news will support it psychologically.