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Lukarelli has pulled home

Italian attacking Donetsk the Miner Kristiano Lukarelli can return in native Livorno informs Tuttomercatoweb. As the main reason of such turn of events frequent replacements of the Italian and a word of the head coach " can serve; miners Mirchi Luchesku that Lukarelli did not adapt till now in a new command. Last place of its native club in Series A
can be one more factor in favour of its leaving we Will remind that Lukarelli has got over in a camp miners only this summer and till now showed oplod stability in enough changeable line of attack of Donetsk club. If it really leaves back in Livorno it becomes the present shock for admirers oranzhevo - black, connecting with it the command near future.
Lukarelli all is known for the fidelity native Livorno . Where him only did not call last years! Among invited were also Moscow Spartak with the Locomotive developed real war for 31 - the summer forward.
now Livorno occupies last line in a Series And and Lukarelli has already expressed the readiness to support club and if it is required and to return to native Penates.