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FIFA will enter a limit on legionaries

the President of FIFA Zepp Blatter shortly   will place for consideration the bill of restriction kollichestva legionaries in clubs, informs the Air Forces. when in the basic structure of club there are 11 foreigners, it fatally influences football development in separately taken country and Europe as a whole. As much as possible admissible number of legionaries simultaneously being in the field should make no more than five persons. I intend to offer EuroParliament the bill which will limit number of foreigners in the European clubs that will give an impulse to revival of national schools and will promote growth of local talented players - has declared Blatter. Now in Europe the limit on players from the countries not entering into EU operates only. According to Blattera this bill will defend interests of fans and will do good to all football. As an occasion to entering of such bill game London " has served; the Arsenal In last round English the Prime minister - Leagues. Then in a starting lineup kanonirov there was no Englishman. Just the same situation was couple of years back and in our championship. In a role the Arsenal has acted capital the Dynamo . In one of matches of domestic superiority in the field in T-shirts the Dynamo there were 11 legionaries, and six of them had the Portuguese passport.