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Amkar Lapshin Sergey
the Twenty fourth round of the championship keeps away from a three of leaders

, all is closer to finish. « Amkar » given the second place, a Saturday match with visitors from Grozny has been simply obliged to win. In case of a set of three points permjaki at least continued prosecution of a prize-winning three.
« Amkar » certainly, good fellows. The command which has made itself, with the style, well, in general, is a lot of about permjakov it is not necessary to speak. All is known for a long time already, is disassembled on shelves.
by the way, it is necessary to concern a parallel with other successful project of this year - Moscow « the Dynamo ». The Same original game, the same short bench, losses from - for traumas and the player who has left in the middle of a season of a basis. Here only, seemingly, permjaki with the troubles consult not so successfully as Muscovites do it. Kobelev`s wards have found forces yesterday to break an outcome of a rather unsuccessfully developing match, playing the semibasic structure. The same, not from good life the experimental structure permjakov has not managed to win today visitors from Grozny.
it is well-known that « Amkar » - a command not loving to pass. Besides not loving, frequently after a capture of own gate not that that lowering hands, but hardly passing to other model of game different from the habitual defensive. Yes, at permjakov on each match two variants - are defensive tactics to which they always prefer, and there is any another.
and still, as though we did not admire, defensive « Amkar » not from good life. Permjakam it is really difficult to hammer in balls. Be its executors of the central and attacking zone at least the same level « the Dynamo » I do not speak about « CSKA » and « Zenith » That we would see with you rather balanced club unequivocally applying for the highest place. Unfortunately, such executors are not present. Therefore each match « Amkara » passes under the same scenario - strong, frequently impassable defence, and sharp, spring counterattacks. If it suffices for the only thing or, in general it is good, a double capture of gate of the contender, can consider - everything, permjaki have won. Will not suffice - Bozhovichu should break that game to which it is habitual « Amkar » and to be cut on - to the adult, starting to crack defence of the opponent at the expense of individual skill of Drinchicha, Peeva and Kusheva. By and large, the disposition is standard. In a similar way « Amkar » played all season, and on « Terek » permjaki left with the same ideas.
that opposed Grozny to Bozhovichu? First of all, to the Face, and the rather quite good average line led by the collection Peter. Rather, it is necessary to tell, not bad. Which - to whom from our eminent clubs to cope similar it has appeared not under force.
a match there have begun more actively owners, it and is clear. What to do with a ball as it to dispose and where it to give all it is universal football players « Amkara » perfectly know. Know also how it is necessary to play against defending « Terek » - having excited rate. Givings in penal and cutting transfers fell down in abundance. For the time being protection of visitors coped with an impact permjakov, and during the moments when make it it was unable, at height it appeared the Face. More close by an outcome of a time to the goalkeeper « Terek » it was necessary to show all skill. Scoring chances, as it is known, « Amkar » creates seldom, but neatly. Kushev which to suspect of absence of skill with some difficulty, after giving of Drinchicha, appear, was sure of the aim. A face in a brilliant throw this blow has reflected. There and then « Terek » has snapped, moreover as - distant blow of Serdjukova has got into a crossbeam.
however, for groznentsev it really there was an episode, while « Amkar » really held all threads of game in the hands. Here only to logic end to lead up the attacks at the home team it was impossible. A face of all of times has shown the skill in the first time, to flash in all beauty to it it was necessary in the second.
second half of meeting has shown at once, why « Amkar » loses points, and lately looks far not so brightly, as in the spring and in the summer. The command was obviously tired, has lowered speed, and defence groznentsev, basically shown « exit model » it became much easier. And « ubajukivaniem » it to name it did not turn out in any way. Without having hammered into the first, permjaki have been compelled to move and move to reach gate of the contender, accordingly, and to be tired.
However, « Amkar » would not be « Amkarom » also would not take the fourth place in the championship if he was not able to include reserves. « the second breath » steels Peev, Kushev and Grishin that is absolutely logical, knowing these players. Overcoming - taki protection groznentsev with the help zabrosov, permjaki disturbed to the Face, but have not forced to capitulate. The goalkeeper of a command of Grozny was simply faultless today.
« Terek » as well as in the first time, has answered with the one and only blow, and again distant. From the penal has punched Kulik, and Narubinu had to prove that it a worthy relief left to the direct competitor for a place in a three to Gabulovu.
Already during added time « Amkar » could peremuchit visitors. From the penal has tightened up Drinchich, and Zhiljaev, done to noise in the season beginning to change to the Face again, as well as its partners, was not able to. The drawn game which absolutely not has not arranged falling with positions « Amkar » and very fair on game for « Terek ».
Unfortunately, in the end of that season that showed permjaki, any more does not suffice for victories. Style of a command is thoroughly studied, counteraction to it is found. But also not fault of Bozhovicha that on another to play « Amkar » not in a condition, it not that that does not want, it is simple cannot. Owing to, first of all, very limited set of players. By the way, this set becomes even less to a match from CSKA, for yellow will pass a meeting with soldiers Sirakov and Drinchich - significant for permjakov loss.
the championship of Russia. The prime minister - league. 24 - j round
Amkar (Perm) - Terek (Grozny) - 0:0
Preventions:   Sirakov, 60, Drinchich, 87 - Margaritesku, 45
on October, 5th. 13:00. Perm. Stadium the Star
Amkar : Narubin, Fedoriv, Belorukov, Cherenchikov, Sirakov, Grishin (Zhiljaev, 82), Drinchich, Novakovich (Sikimich, 61), Dujmovich, Peev, Kushev
Terek : the Face, Zabavnik, Iliev (V.Kuznetsov, 64), Omeljanchuk, Bendz, Peter, Dzhabrailov, Kulik (Voronkin, 85), Margaritesku (Zemchenkov, 76), Boulles, Serdjukov
the Judge: Ildus Biglov (Ufa)