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V.Karpin: Spartakovtsev we will punish

the General director Spartaka Valery Karpin after a match with Wings has told that Bystrov and Mozart removed on a course of game for rough infringements, will be inflicted to punishment, the correspondent - Sports transfers.
- Valery, there will be any sanctions in relation to Mozart and Bystrovu?
- Will be. The penalty.
- fans catcall players, Mozart...
- Fans in the right to do that they consider it necessary. In the right to estimate each football player of a command. It is normal in the football world.
- fair removals?
- For me - is not present, and for « Krylja Sovetov » - yes.
- In what components « Spartak » has conceded?
- Game was absolutely equal. They have hammered, we have not hammered.
- Concerning stadium. Said that building will begin in September, but it has not begun.
- There bureaucratic hitches. As usual.
- Mozart on - former will be vitse - the captain to remain?
is a question not to the general director.
- tournament problems change in « Spartake »?
- Tournament problems... They in winning following games all.
- personally you see Titov in a command?
- I not the head coach, me of that to see - that... The senior trainer solves, who is necessary, who is not necessary.
- removals were today on business?
- Certainly, on business. The first card for Bystrova - I do not know, and the second - on business. And to Mozart, naturally, on business.
- KDK can also the sanctions to impose? Will be upset?
- Well and that to be upset?. Will impose - means, will impose. Means, have deserved. What to do...
- Valery, and is in « Spartake » what pleases you? Any not problem zone? (Laughter among the press)
- Fans.
- if football players do not respect fans, maybe, they at least will respect the press? And that nobody talks...
- you want, that I have forced them? But after such game I can understand this situation. I do not say that it normal, but I can understand it.
- Valery, you have already started to sign papers? Or it on - former is done by Sergey Shavlo?
-   And you as think? Since September, 1st I the general director, instead of Sergey Shavlo. I sign all.