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G.Hiddink: the Russian football players have ceased to complain of weariness

After the termination 24 - go round questions were answered with the head coach of Russian national team Guus Hiddink.
- whether matches which have seen in this uik - end Were pleasant to you?
- two - it is unconditional: the Locomotive - the Ruby which observed in Cherkizove, and Zenith - the Dynamo which watched together with assistants on TV. Both were intensive, tempo, them it was pleasant to look. The prime minister also should aspire to such football Russian - league. Several years ago similar meetings could be seen not often, now they - not a rarity.
first half of meeting of CSKA - Kuban on which I have visited Luzniki, it has turned out enough boring. But after a break owners have sharply added, and to look this game too it became interesting.
- whether Are happy with football players of a national team?
- Almost all of them left in the basic structures. It pleases, as well as many other things. In particular, was evident, with what concentration played Ignashevich. Considering that the command from the bottom half of table was the contender of CSKA, such approach should be pleasant to me.
- and here Dzagoeva have replaced on a course of the first time.
- Such happens even with the most talented young football players. Some days ago Dzagoev has led a good match against Beshiktasha now at it game has not gone. Any young player should learn to struggle daily for the positions in a command. On each training, in each game to show absolute concentration, never to be up to the end happy with itself and level of the shown game.
- a ruby having started in League of champions, has lost lidersky a stock in the championship. Believe, in the country citizens of Kazan do not have not enough motivation?
- Is not present, on a today`s match it not seemed to me at all that they did not have a motivation. That - that, and it at them sufficed. But they have passed a goal already on the second minute, and it was necessary to them difficultly. For any time have intercepted the initiative, but have passed the second ball which became a consequence exclusively bad luck.
- has passed, by the way, one of your potential players - Sergey Ryzhikov.
- It the good professional. And such can happen with everyone. It is convinced: more in this season, and can, and in the following, similar to it will not occur. And even at the account 2:0 we with assistants in a break have come to a conclusion: if to the Ruby it will be possible quickly skvitat one ball, the duel can come to the end and in a draw. When one of commands does not have not enough concentration, such sensation cannot arise basically. Here it was, and the Ruby Battled very adequately. And in a meeting Zenith - the Dynamo both clubs tried to operate with longitudinal transfers, not to hesitate, play good speeds.
- what for you on Saturday have gone on a match Khimki - Terek ?
- Why and not to go? I was on a match of youth teams the Locomotive and the Ruby and there was then a free time. Has decided to go to Khimki. I like to look football, football, football... Any direct reason in it was not.
- on a distant sight someone from participants of this match took?
- I Will tell fairly: while is not present.
- the Become aggravated struggle for a champion`s title - on advantage of a national team?
- The more matches in which much dares, the better. Pleases also that two Russian teams play to League of champions and look there adequately. Football players get used to play two times a week - and we any more do not hear neither from them, nor from trainers of complaints to weariness, on necessity to spend on two matches for five - six days. People start it to perceive as norm and so should be! So play in all big leagues! Just watched a match Chelsea - Liverpool and players there do not stop for a second.
- alas, at Yury Zhirkova of game practice while a minimum.
- Recently it has spent in one of matches of 70 minutes. Certainly, it would be desirable, that appeared in the field more often. But its problems have been in many respects connected with a trauma. It is assured: now, when damage consequences behind, it will type standards. And forthcoming week it should work properly. However, knowing it, it is convinced that and will be.
- one more good news to you - Andrey Arshavina`s next goal, and victorious.
- Yes, we saw it. an arsenal has reached victories easily enough though conceded in the account twice. Certainly, the success of Arshavina is pleasant. With impatience I wait also for it, and all the others. To forthcoming gathering I approach in fine mood - as well as always.
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