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D.Advokat: Arshavin - the exclusive football player

on October, 5th has taken place a press - conference of the head coach of Russian national team on football of Dika of the Lawyer, devoted to forthcoming matches of a qualifying tournament of Euro - 2012 against Ireland and Macedonia.   the instructor of a Russian team has noticed that after house defeat from Slovaks of our national team it is necessary to win on a visit, and also has shared the information on a condition of goalkeepers, has underlined Andrey Arshavina`s role in a command and has explained a call in a national team of beginners.
if you lose houses (and we at all did not expect defeat from Slovakia), then is obliged to win on a visit. And we are adjusted in two forthcoming matches to show good result.
to a national team there has arrived twenty one person. We watch closely each of them and we know abilities of all football players. We continue to trace beginners who could strengthen really a command, but at present new players are not present. Two young football players are invited to feel spirit of a national team - the Lawyer has declared.
as to goalkeepers we do not have any problems. Akinfeev and Gabulov train on the same level with all. I think that Akinfeev can play, and Gabulov did not play last match at all from - for traumas - the Dutch expert has cleared a situation with goalkeepers.
also the Lawyer has not avoided also Andrey Arshavina: Even on work with Zenith I know that he is an exclusive player. I do not agree that it does not show all possibilities in a national team. Andrey is capable to make of anything a scoring chance, and its role in a national team can be compared to Drogba in Chelsea or Wagner Lavom in CSKA .