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Moscow Region remained without CHM - 2018

the Governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov has told about refusal of region subject to it of carrying out of matches CHM - 2018, and also has commented on idea of building of new base for football Russian national teams. - Boris Vsevolodovich, Moscow Region is the leader on building of compact sports constructions. The World championship organising committee on football of 2018 assumed to erect in Moscow suburbs huge football stadium - sorokatysjachnik...
- We have refused this idea, and Moscow Region left the Russian demand. I do not see sense in building of such huge football arena, after all it is not absolutely clear, as it to use after the World championship. We suggested other variant - to convert and expand operating stadium in the centre of the same Podolsk, but on it organizers have not gone.

- Other project - to construct under Zvenigorodom base for preparation of all football Russian national teams - too it is not realised. Why?
- it is valid, five years ago the assistant to the President of Russia Arcady Dvorkovich has suggested to construct modern base not only for main, but also for all national teams of the country. Idea has actively supported eks - the instructor of a national team Guus Hiddink. We have very operatively allocated a fine ground with the area of five hectares on picturesque coast of the Moskva River. But such idea was not pleasant to someone. Gave reason that Zvenigorod is very far from Moscow. Now high sports officials want to return again to those plans.
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