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Goal scissors for three days have looked at 1,5 million persons. VIDEO

For couple of days the Swiss halfback Bayer Eren Derdijok became more popular than Lionelja Messi and Krishtianu Ronaldu, together taken. For three days the roller which has embodied a goal, hammered by the Swiss in a match against Wolfsburg have looked one and a half million person. And to days off, undoubtedly, this number still will grow. Beautiful goals not too often become solving - beauty where easier to create when the result of a match is already clear, in defence anybody strictly does not play also space at the player owning a ball though take away. And here when the account 1:1 when in the field there is a fierce struggle when for each scrap of a lawn it is necessary to fight when not only to process a ball effectively nobody will give, but also in general to accept you it should for a fraction of a second - in such conditions masterpieces are created where less often.

And the more valuably a goal of Derdijoka which have caused a stir in intense game during the most necessary moment. Having received a long pass from depth of a field, the halfback one contact has tamed a ball, following movement has duped two defenders expecting that it will move ahead, and the third contact has sent a ball in a grid exact blow through itself. The goalkeeper, probably, also could rescue the command, but the feint of Derdijoka has appeared so unexpected that Diego Benalo has frozen as driven. It is not excluded, however, that it has been simply admired by game of the contender and has decided not to spoil beauty of the moment a jump in a corner. Bayer the total account of a match - 3:1 in advantage leverkuzentsev has come forward 2:1, and.
For Derdijoka the goal became the second in a season in six matches. In last season the Swiss has hammered for Bayer 6 goals.