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Spartak demands disqualification of the player Zenith

Moscow Spartak has decided to operate in style of the competitors, using their methods. it is red - white intend to equate infringement corrected from outside zenitovtsa Nicolas Lombertsa against Andrey Dikanja to infringement of Vellitona against Igor Akinfeeva.
the Text of the corresponding maintenance is published on an official site Spartaka :
Being guided by the developed practice of KDK RFS, Spartak has applied to apply to the player Zenith to Nicolas Lombertsu the additional sports sanction in the form of disqualification on three matches of the championship of Russia.
we will remind that on 71 - j to minute of a Sunday meeting Spartak - Zenith Lomberts roughly attacked our goalkeeper Dikanja who could continue game only after medical aid rendering. The arbitrator of a meeting has shown to the defender pitertsev a yellow card. However in this situation according to disciplinary regulations RFS the originator of an event is punished by disqualification for a period of three matches.
we will remind that for infringement against Igor Akinfeeva Velliton has initially received six matches of disqualification, however then its term have reduced to three duels.