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S.Semak: After PSZH looked on many other things eyes

the Halfback Zenith Sergey Semak has told in interview, than present training gathering differ from the last. We will notice that for it   these gathering already the twentieth in career.
- if it is fair, how many time was necessary to prepare for seasons or as now - to the next stage of the championships, did not consider, - has begun conversation Semak who is now on gathering of a command in the Emirates. - but time has begun career since the summer 1992 - go - means, really twenty is typed. What them unites? On gathering always there are the certain complexities connected by that you are without a family on which very much you miss in the first days. But as now training camp not so long to live with it it is possible.
- Let`s return on 20 years ago when you have come to club Presnya . Konstantin Ivanovicha Beskov there have found?
- Certainly. It was very interesting. But also amusing cases too occurred. There was at us such football player Pankratev - can, remember, it in due time in Zhalgiris and Asmarale played. The guy - twice is more than me. And training apparatus for work over physics then practically was not. Instead football players dragged each other on themselves. And so I quite often managed Pankratev. It in such situations, probably, was glad, and here I - not so (laugh).
- At Beskov, it turns out, you have touched classical Soviet football school?
- Beskov and the trainer - a legend, and the person - a legend. Demand at it was absolutely for each trifle, including during the preparatory period. If the football player thought, as if something at it can appear out of sight of Beskov he strongly was mistaken. From Konstantin Ivanovicha`s sight nothing could be hidden. And to culture of a pass it and at all had special requirements! Probably, therefore it also worked with such masters, as Yury Gavrilov whom in this respect was not equal in all Union.
- after Beskov you were trained by Tarhanov, Sadyrin, Dolmatov, Gazzayev...
-... There was still Gennady Andreevich Sarychev who now if I am not mistaken, lives and works in Samara. Under his supervision worked in the same Presne . The remarkable person and the trainer - it lived together with us and learnt us, absolutely young men, both to football, and life. Huge to it for these thanks.
well and unless it is possible not to remember Valentine Kozmicha Ivanov? About it predsezonkah and gathering in Adler, I think, know all. And many veterans for certain remember till now its phrase: we are not able to play - we will run . In it also were engaged, and so that - about - go - go! Valentine Kozmich could be overcome In this plan for laurels most Loading the trainer. Nevertheless I consider as its fine expert, the outstanding personality.
- heard such opinion: before any tasks for holiday to players did not give, but then trainers devoted the first gathering exclusively to struggle against excess weight. You faced the such?
- Such I will not remember. And then at all times not so many football players came back from holiday with excess weight. Has simply put, as I have already told, that there was a lot of time prior to the beginning of the championship - here the first gathering and devoted to the physicist .
By the way, it was most of all remembered, as we ran in due time in Arkhangelsk. Now there, unfortunately, there is no base: presently all is on sale and bought up from a hammer. Very much it would not be desirable, that also this park has stopped the existence - personally at me pleasant memoirs are connected with it many.
- as Sadyrin spent to CSKA gathering?
- With it work in any degree was easier. Pavel Fedorovich invited on predsezonku experts. For example, Valery Kulichenko who trained a national team on track and field athletics. Or Chirvu, from physical culture Institute. As a result we were engaged with a bar, did other specific exercises. But to tell that with Sadyrin also gathering with it much ran were too heavy, I can not.
- Sadyrin was distinguished always by tremendous sense of humour. On gathering with it it helped?
- Certainly! It found the human approach to any player. Could, clearly, and to begin to boil, but was very easily appeased and, the main thing, the sincere person. For it it is loved till now also by those who with it played or worked, and fans.
- during two your first five-years periods gathering were a burden?
- By and large - yes. After all till certain time abroad did not go, including on gathering. Plus they then were rather long. On two, and even three weeks everyone. Thus to prepare - that began in the middle of December, and the championship started where - nibud in the end of March. Here also present, what is the time spent on gathering for three months!
by the way, on the first of them the ball in general could to be seen - only run. Earlier after all, to lay the foundation, it was accepted to wind certain kilometric area. The blessing life is not necessary on a place, and now very many has exchanged, and is cardinal.
- want to tell, be at the Soviet trainers present possibilities, they too would not rest on the same run and long gathering?
- In Soviet period there were a bit different control levers a command. People then died on a football ground, and one word told across, could become solving. But times change. The Iron Curtain has opened, our trainers began to compare the work to the western colleagues. Clubs have started to invite foreigners, Russians have gone abroad. All it has in aggregate led to that people began to be reconstructed.
- you had time to feel it before departure in PSZH in 2005 - m?
- Definitively all has exchanged more close to 2008 - mu. But if to speak about game the huge push to development of our football was given by Oleg Vasilevich Dolmatov. After all it has started to try game with four defenders in a line that began to level rupture between the Russian and foreign clubs in respect of tactical constructions. And as a result it has led to that we began to play the level as equals with contenders from Europe. To same, in 90 - h, except Spartaka and some flashes like that, when the Rotor has passed the MU in an UEFA Cup, there is nothing to remember - on a stream such things have not been put.
- Dolmatov at a preparatory stage too drove any more on - Soviet?
is there was something an average. Besides - I will not tell, that we ran much, - typed the functional form generally through game exercises.
- in day of departure for the first gathering at you bad mood or good?
- happened worse Earlier. I remember, we flied to the first training camp with Valery Georgievichem (Gazzayev) to Israel. Road to the airport, flight, hotel. You think - have arrived, it is necessary to have a rest a little. But instead - on a glass of juice and on training. And there - five times on 1200 metres in good rate. Next day - it is even more and so on accruing. It hardly could please. Though all perfectly understood - all need to be done it. Especially Valery Georgievich always could explain, for what and what for such things are necessary. It the trainer with the system of preparation which is able to achieve result.
- when have appeared in PSZH There predsezonka has seemed paradise?
- Paradise on the Earth, as it is known, does not happen (laughs). But Europe then has appeared for me other world.
on the other hand, depending on the trainer and there early preparation could appear absolutely different. However, the first gathering basically were similar to our present. They everywhere - difficult enough from the point of view of loadings. After all the form should be typed in the compressed interval of time. And the subsequent are more devoted game exercises, companionable matches.
- that has most of all surprised you in PSZH on contrast with Russia?
- Anything because before has taken place something similar with Arthur George in CSKA. And from friends who already have played in the west, much knew: Vlad Radimov, is a lot of Dima of Crests on this theme told. Here and to us in PSZH have distributed on holiday of the task with exercises. Uneasy there was also a medical board. Well and about gathering has already told. By the way, one of them, is remembered, passed in the Alpes.
is there was your most exotic training camp?
- Is not present. By and large all of them are similar. Though one, perhaps, nevertheless differed from the others - in Barcelona with Leonid Slutsky in FK Moscow .
- And than, if not a secret?
- We lived in the city that was at that point in time unusual. At us after all a tendency such - if gathering, means, it is necessary to be based where - nibud aside that nobody disturbed and did not distract from work. And here we and Barcelona could look and to France have then gone. Combined, in general, pleasant with the useful.
- once on gathering of Vlastimil Petrzhela, being the trainer Zenith has sent wards to ski. With you anything similar done not happen?
- Is not present, on skis nobody drove, behind bus did not force to run and even on a bicycle did not put (laughs). Only football exercises. Though once Valery Georgievich has arranged the third training of hours in 8 - 9 evenings in pool. In any degree it was specific and even is dreary. No, not swimming - it - that just, I consider, was useful. Simply for a day you were tired and had already no objection to go to have a sleep. And here later employment, loading, then half-nights you do not sleep though to rise next day all the same early. And you understand that can by the morning is high-grade and not have a rest.
- whether you can remember the heaviest gathering or predsezonku?
- Probably, all - taki with Valentine Kozmichom Ivanov in 1994 - m in Asmarale . But also at Gazzayev as you have understood, too is what to remember.
- One hockey player - the veteran told to me that after 30 began to love and appreciate gathering, as an integral part of sports life which upon termination of career at you will not be. Whether you can tell now about yourselves the same?
- We again arrive at idea that gathering to gathering rozn. For example, shortly before departure to Paris I in general thought that it is time to finish because from - for all these predsezonok any forces and the desire to play any more was not. But here as it is impossible by the way has received the invitation in PSZH . And having returned to Russia, looked at much already absolutely other eyes. Now precisely you understand that for what it is necessary, and you concern all more easy, than in youth.
- I you have correctly understood that preparation during summer and winter pauses in PSZH and in general departure to France have opened at you the second breath?
- Indeed. Year in other football world with other approach to training process and free time has allowed to continue career with new forces and has helped again to start to take pleasure in work. And after all those my friends who remained then in Russia, already almost have finished all with football. The same who, on the contrary, left, for example, Dima of Crests and Vlad Radimov, played longer.
- in what you take pleasure on gathering?
- we Will tell, from weather, and in general from everything that at you is for concrete day and hour. At present it is remarkable people who are round me in Zenith . At us a remarkable command. All it together creates a fine emotional background. And then - on gathering always there is a possibility to esteem, sleep at last. Houses such happens not always.
- If not a secret, during the lunchtime sleep?
- Is not present.
- it is a pity to Time?
- For me not to sleep in the afternoon that before to fall asleep in the evening easier. And you will take a nap after a dinner - then there is broken, and here a training.
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